I 'M in Love Again: I think I'm in love again 💕, i think i'm in love again 💗 {i make too many destiel edits but i'm not even sorry lol}, It's nice to

I 'M in Love Again

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Artist: Eric Martin
Director of Photography: Hide Oida<br/><br/>
Recorded in 1960, but released 2 years later this is a real Little Richard rarity. While he was only singing and recording gospel songs there was a session with his old band The Upsetters where Little Richard sang and played Rock'n'Roll. He didn't wanted his name on the label, the song is a well known Fats Domino track.
B-side of "Knock, Knock, Who's There".

I knew it would be you.
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It's nice to feel like a kid again for a second @tmarie247 in your case, most of the time. -I love you for always bringing out my inner child.
Бачата (исп. bachata) — музыкальный стиль и танец Доминиканской Республики.
A summary from the movie: Strange Magic
Un resumen de la pelicula: Extraña magia
Song (cancion): I think I'm in love_kat dahlia (Esta subtitulada al español en subtitulos)

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Bad Boys Blue is a living legend of pop dance music. The group, which was established in 1984 in Cologne (Germany), continues to release albums and...

Video for the song 'Never Going To Fall...' By UK Indie band The Groove Farm. From The LP 'Plug (The Story Of Pop...So Far)' 1989. Best viewed small. This song was from the band's second long player, which was one of their more popular sellers (if selling almost 4000 can be seen as 'popular'!)The camper van belonged to Jez (Drummer), and blew up on the way to London, as he didn't realise you needed to put oil in the engine. Singer Andrew went on to form Beatnik Filmstars

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The king of Louisiana Rock Roll/Rhythm and Blues live on early TV show...
Big Band Splash & The Domestic Bumblebees feat. Howlin' Pelle Almqvist from the Hives, "I'm In Love Again" (Fats Domino). Arrangement by Jakob Norgren.
Rocket Room, Debaser, Stockholm
January 29th 2011
Video by Pillijano
LIVE at New Pop Festival 2007
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Missy Higgins
The Fillmore 3/23/09
San Francisco,CA

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KF91RWZ7 --Nick Carter - Falling In Love Again-NEW Song From His New Album - I'm Taking Off
Classic drum & bass!


If anyone knows who took this picture please link me to their page.

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Знаю, музыка чуток спешит(
Another video of beautiful Dianne Reeves singing "I'm in Love Again" in company with Russell Malone and Romero Lubambo at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris, France

The studio version of this song is smooth, but Patti this night, turned it to a powerhouse ballad that makes you wanna stand on your chair and flag down a plane to come save you from the hurricane that is Patti. Then again, maybe you don't even want to be saved! I can truthfully say without remorse or fault that if and when God calls Patti home (which hopefully is no time soon) that the world will have lost the single most dynamic, electrifying and phenomenally talented performer/vocalist EVER. One of a kin
La Bouche - I'm falling in love again
Song by Minnie Riperton (1947-1979) with backing vocals by Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

Postscript: Released in 1980 after Minne Riperton's death. Michael Jackson paid tribute to Minnie on the back of the album sleeve: "She was phenomenal - she did things with her voice that were incredible."

宏実♡ Hiromi
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Antoine "Fats" Domino was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on the 26th of February 1928. When he was a 7 year old kid, he learned piano from his ,much older, brother-in-law Harrison Verrett. His piano playing was influenced by boogie woogie pianists like Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lew
Again I m in love - встречайте сегодня D&B версию

- Please Forgive Me-

Movie: Front Cover(Its in English!)

Info about song, anime, etc ask ONLY per PM!

Klaus Voormann, Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr - I'm in Love Again From The Album Voormann & Friends-A Sideman's Journey (2009)
Taken from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhZZiMOy334 and edited with VideoPad Video Editor
Tomado de https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhZZiMOy334 y editado con VideoPad, software para edición de vídeo
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Red Nichols, c / Miff Mole, tb / Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Arthur Schutt, p / Joe Tarto, bb / Vic Berton, d / Irving Kaufman, v. New York, c. March 23, 1927.
Jimmy is asshole but i'm still love him x
made for my enjoyment... i got bored :)
i went a bit crazy with the colouring, my apologies :D

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Музыка: Metronomy - Everything goes my way

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Louis is driving from work while Harry is going to work, but before we get into that, lets get into the story of this video after those clips:

Louis and Harry have drifted apart, but still hold feelings for one another. They go camping with the boys and Harry starts to see the spark in Louis again, but ignores the feelings. Louis meanwhile is trying to forget about Harry while they do their touring and promoting, but fails because of Harry's dorky charm. Slowly, they start to warm up to thei

Ok, i made new video of robbie & freya, because too much people wrote me, that they want more videos of them, so there it is. I'm sorry, that it's so simple, i have no time, so i'm trying to do quickly videos! btw. i'm sorry, again, about these not-HD scenes, but i didn't get it, so it's like it is.

Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
Coloring: mine
Song: ehm, look at a name of this video, and don't ask me
Couple: Freya Tingley & Robbie Kay
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Taken from the 'Love Freeze' EP, one of the best drum & bass EP's released this year! Every single song is a masterpiece, this one is my favourite but you will definitely hear another song from this brilliant collection of tracks on my channel. Intelligent Manners exactly produces the kind of liquid funk I like. Check out the EP if you like this one, you won't be disappointed!

Buy: http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/love_freeze_ep

Intelligent Manners:
Released in 1964
From the CD 'The Complete Animals'
Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1971:

The La De Das [ performing on GTK ] the track 'I'm In Love Again' (July, 1971).

Band Origin: Auckland, New Zealand
Band Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Track: I'm In Love Again
Album: non album single
Composed By:
Produced By:
Label: EMI-Harvest
Chart Position:
Release Date:
Footage Information: GTK (ABC-TV)
- http://www.milesago.com/artists/ladedas.htm
- http://en.wikipedia.or
Parts of Klaus Voormann and Paul McCartyney recording "I'm In Love Again" for Voormann's "A Sideman's Journey" project, part of Voormann and Friends, circa 2008
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Jamaican teenager Millie Small stunned the music business by reaching number two in the U.S. and number one in the U.K. with "My Boy Lollipop" in 1964. Born Millicent Small in Clarendon, she was the daughter of an overseer on a sugar plantation (her reported date of birth varies from 19
Charted at #6 in June 1951. April was 16 at the time of this recording. She is more known for her hits with Nino Tempo in the '60's. Written by Cole Porter. With Henri René and his Orchestra. Original Billboard review: "Rene creates a lovely setting for a sexy vocal go by the promising April Stevens on this Cole Porter oldie. Deejays should like and could prove a "sleeper" on the strength of the unusual Stevens' sound and style". Overall Billboard rating: 87 out of 100. Also #24 for the Andrews Sisters duri
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Hi my name is Lydia *i'm so deaply in love with Stiles my hero , my husband Stilinski * Martin.
She's in love with him , and he's in love with her it's beautiful.
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Maria Mena first speaks some dutch and teaches some Norwegian to the pinkpop audience and then sings I'm in Love Again<br/><br/>
I'm In Love Again by Cole Porter (not sure what album this is from, it looks to me like it's the performance from the film although the whole performance isn't in the film


Hannah And Her Sisters directed by Woody Allen (1986)

Originally released on RCA Victor 4208 in 1951, this early recording by April came off my vinyl RCA Camden re-issue LP " A Nino Tempo and April Stevens Program".

The Freelance Band was a project of Philip Kroonenberg and several member of Dutch blues bands like Q65 (Frank Nuyens) Livin Blues (John LaGrand, Cuby + Blizzards)) and Aad van Pijlen. Later also Nico Christiaansen, Willem van der Wal and Henno Eizenga

The band release their first album Rough 'n Tough in 1980. Although the album contains a kind of acoustic blues it was Dutch guitar legend Eelco Gelling (Cuby & the Blizzards, Golden Earring) who added some fine electric slide guitar to the album. (G