I Bring Da LULZ - Stuck Here on the Moon смотреть онлайн

I Bring Da LULZ - Stuck Here on the Moon

Parody of "Fly Me to the Moon"!

The 2nd Luna picture inspired this :D

Mp3 download:

Bune88 - Record scratch SFX
Namco - OSEA
Musicfactorykaraoke - Fly Me To The Moon instrumental
Don't know who made the 1st Luna picture, please tell me asap so I can give credit!
Kloudmutt - 2nd Luna Picture



Stuck here on the moon
Now I live among the stars
I had to act a fool
Because the ponies wouldn't play in the dark

Wish I was free, free to roam
Wish I was free, like those ponies

Sting my eyes with moon dust
'Cause it's everywhere around this mare
It doesn't help the fact that
from the sun there's a constant glare

I'm almost free, 2 more days
And when I'm free, I'm gonna act a fool

(Instrumental break)

Used to be stuck on the moon
Where I lived