How to give directions in English: How to give directions in English, How to give directions in English , How to teach English - giving directions in English,

How to give directions in English
Classroom lesson on 'giving directions in English'. Lesson Plan: Once students have a grasp on the basic grammar, have them practice asking for and giving directions. Good idea to have a map of some kind to reference from. Concentrating on the main vocabulary; go down ..... street/road, then turn right/left at the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th intersection. It's 'just past ..... ' on the right/left. Also focus on other grammar. It's opposite/next to/between the bank/cinema etc. For a TEST on 'giving directions' click on

We often get confused when we visit a new place. Trying to locate a place for the first time seems difficult even if you have GPS on your mobile. Without people to help and tell you the directions, getting anywhere would be so much more difficult.

We've already seen a lesson about asking for directions, but what about giving them? Today, let's learn about how you can give directions to somebody who wants to go to a certain place.

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An excellent practical lesson on giving and receiving directions. In this lesson I discuss how to give and receive directions. This is also excellent practice on prepositions.