How to: Flower Hair Bow Tutorial: How to Make Bows - Flower Hair Bow Tutorial - How to Make Hairbows - Making Hair Bows, DIY How to: Fabric Flower Hair Bow

How to: Flower Hair Bow Tutorial

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This tutorial is for a flower bow. To start you can use any length ribbon that you want. I'm going to use 6 pieces that are 4 inches long. We're going to make loops and use a glue gun. Once you have your loops done you're going to need a needle and thread. The thread I use is an upholstery thread because it is very thick.

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En este vídeo enseñamos como elaborar fácilmente flores kanzashi para decorar cualquier gancho, diadema, balaca,
todo elaborado en cinta gros de 4 cms , también puedes elaborarlas con tela de raso. si te gusta nuestro vídeo compártelo a tus amigas .
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DIY Make Simple Easy Bow of satin ribbons
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Elaboracion de flores de satin apropiadas para accesorios de eventos especiales. Flor satinada mil faces.

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