How To Make Stacked Hair Bows: HOW TO: Make a 4" Stacked Loopy Hair Bow by Just Add A Bow, HOW TO make a 5 inch over the top stacked hair bow, HOW TO: Make a 6

How To Make Stacked Hair Bows

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**Important Edit** I forgot to state the length of the spikes. The spikes for this bow are *5* inches long. However long you want the bow (in inches) is how long you want your spikes, for example if it's a 4" bow, you want the spikes to be 4 inches long. How this helps and I apologize for the confusion!

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How to line an alligator clip:
How to make a bottle cap:

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How to make a basic boutique hair bow:

How to line alligator clips and french barrets:

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mini bow tutorial:

how to line an alligator clip:

Sorry! I meant to include this at the end of the Stacked Boutique Bow tutorial : )

Learn how to make Hair Bows No.3 - Long tailed stacked Hair Bow
Bow size: 8,25cm /3 1/4 inch - Footprints in the sand inspired design
Watch our ins...

Learn how to stack hair bows and spikes to make elaborate hair bows. The hair ribbon we used is available at and the French Style Barrettes at

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this is a step by step tutorial on how to make a cute boutique style hair bow!!

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Main bow 18" of 7/8 wide ribbon
Spikes 6, 4" pieces of 7/8 wide ribbon
Side bows 4"
Bottle cap 1"
Tubular crin 4"
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This video shows how to make a stacked hair bow. This over the top boutique hair bow tutorial is a 2-step process. These are free and easy instru...
This video describes how to make accent bows for stacked hair bows. These are adorable little bows that add a little more cuteness to the over the...
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Base Bow- Both 7/8 inch ribbons are cut to 24 inches long.

Spikes- Six different 7/8 inch colors were used and cut to 5 inches long.

Surround a bow- Two pieces 7/8 inch cut to 10 inches long.

Top Bow- 7/8 inch ribbon is cut to 20 inches long.

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