How To Make Stacked Hair Bows: HOW TO: Make a 6 inch over the top stacked hair bow, HOW TO: Make a 4" Stacked Loopy Hair Bow by Just Add A Bow, How To Make a 4

How To Make Stacked Hair Bows

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How to make a basic boutique hair bow:

How to line alligator clips and french barrets:

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mini bow tutorial:

how to line an alligator clip:

Learn how to make Hair Bows No.3 - Long tailed stacked Hair Bow
Bow size: 8,25cm /3 1/4 inch - Footprints in the sand inspired design
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Sorry! I meant to include this at the end of the Stacked Boutique Bow tutorial : )

**Important Edit** I forgot to state the length of the spikes. The spikes for this bow are *5* inches long. However long you want the bow (in inches) is how long you want your spikes, for example if it's a 4" bow, you want the spikes to be 4 inches long. How this helps and I apologize for the confusion!

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How to line an alligator clip:
How to make a bottle cap:

Learn how to stack hair bows and spikes to make elaborate hair bows. The hair ribbon we used is available at and the French Style Barrettes at

For a step-by-step written instructions on "How To Make A Hair Bow" link to
Base Bow- Both 7/8 inch ribbons are cut to 24 inches long.

Spikes- Six different 7/8 inch colors were used and cut to 5 inches long.

Surround a bow- Two pieces 7/8 inch cut to 10 inches long.

Top Bow- 7/8 inch ribbon is cut to 20 inches long.

Link for all printed ribbon and the crayon resin:

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email is

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How to make mini bows:

How to fully line an alligator clip:

How to partially line an alligator clip:

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Just Add A Bow's Facebook Fan page:!/pages/Just-Add-A-Bow/147951071926086<br/><br/>
this is a step by step tutorial on how to make a cute boutique style hair bow!!

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Main bow 18" of 7/8 wide ribbon
Spikes 6, 4" pieces of 7/8 wide ribbon
Side bows 4"
Bottle cap 1"
Tubular crin 4"
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7"(17.5cm) d...