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How To Dress Well : "Suicide Dream 2"<br/><br/>
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Video for Holy Other song, "How To Dress Well-Suicide Dream 2 (Holy Other Remix)
Special thanks to Tyler T Williams ( to allow me to use his beautiful images (
Moon part filmed with: Canon 600D / Canon EF 50mm 1.8
Edited by Paulo Ribeiro
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From the Just Once EP (2011).
How to Dress Well is the alias of Tom Krell, creator of narcotized, lo-fi RB. In October 2009, Krell started posting batches of his clouded tunes to his blog. They're marked by his high voice; piercing and fragile like the rest of his music.

Photo coming right from this blog:
How To Dress Well performing "Suicide Dream 2" live at DNA in Brussels (Belgium) - 23 June 2011.


How freakin' tight is How To Dress Well live?! Pretty damn tight we'd say. What an incredible voice.. my heart melts.