How Harry Potter Should Have Ended: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended., How Harry Potter Should Have Ended!, How it should have ended harry potter, How It

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

The long-awaited HISHE. You asked for it and we delivered: Harry Potter: How It Should Have Ended! With all the dangerous field trips these kids attended, it makes you wonder what kind of permission slips they had to fill out. Be on the look out for new content every THURSDAY! Come back for behind the scenes, deleted clips, and more. Leave us a comment and spread the love by subscribing to our channel and/or give us a 'thumbs up'!

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I never made this video... but enjoy.

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i did not make this i just uploaded it.
This is a video to show what I think that Harry Potter should have ended like. Please enjoy folks!
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How I think Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Should Have Ended this video was inspired by and

Harry Potter/brickbibrickfilms
Cedric Diggory/Hughesfilmltd
Lord Voldemort/Jaylins ARTS Films
Michael Jackson/Jaylins ARTS Films
King Leonidas/Pacguy1

La animación de titulo original: "how it should have ended", que se traduce: "Cómo debió terminar Harry Potter.

Si duda la idea es muy original, y así nos hubiese gustado que sea el fin de los 7 libros de Harry Potter.
I made this. I'm lol right now.