Hot Hot Heat - 21@12: Hot Hot Heat - 21 @ 12, Hot Hot Heat - 21@12 (Official Video)

Hot Hot Heat - 21@12

Hot Hot Heat's full length video for "21@12" from the album "Future Breeds," released on Dangerbird and Dine Alone Records. Directed by Michael Maxxis.


let's be honest we're all criminals here so take the halo down / autograph hunters making legends out of scumbags from a better town / 21 at midnight it's a curse of a man who'd kill to put it off / wrestling grizzly bears just to draw a crowd / a crowd that would have jumped at dogs / when you're 21 at midnight you act like a man / look him in the eyes and say what you just said to me then / 21 at midnight / your tombstone in hand / you fight so hard to give away for free what you're gonna just want again / a virtual who's-who of the who-cares the self appointed kings and queen / better off jester rather tame the troops than fertilize the village green / hey you I knew you back in 1999 I know you don't forget / obligations plague you still why can't you shed em yet? / and on thi
Steve Bays...mmm)))))))