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Horse Idioms - BBC Learning English (The Teacher)

В этом уроке выражения со словом horse (лошадь):
 To eat like a horse - Иметь волчий аппетит
She eats like a horse, so I don't know how she manages to stay so thin.
 Straight from the horse's mouth - Из первых уст
I know it's true! I heard it straight from the horse's mouth!
This comes straight from the horse's mouth, so it has to be believed.
 To flog a dead horse - Зря тратить силы
To beat a dead horse (American)
You're flogging a dead horse trying to persuade Simon to come to Spain with us - he hates going abroad.
Do you think it's worth sending my manuscript to other publishers or I am just beating a dead horse?
The Teacher introduces us to three idioms connected with horses.