Hors d'oeuvre by Monica Menez: Hors d'oeuvre by Monica Menez, BEST ART DIRECTION PRIZE ASVOFF5 - Hors d'Oeuvre by Monica Menez, Фэшн-фильм: Hors d'oeuvre

Hors d'oeuvre by Monica Menez

Madrid Fashion Film Festival 2013 Award "Best Fashion Film International 2013" Award " Best Art Direction 2013" New York Fashion Film Festival 2013 Selection ASVOFF 5 Award 2012 " Best Art Direction" DIRECTOR: Monica Menez WRITTEN: Monica Menez CAST: Albe Hamiti / Tune Models DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Robert Klinar SET DESIGN : Atelier Josche. STYLIST: Sanne Roesch HAIR: Sabine Nania MAKE-UP: Sabine Nania
FILM TITLE: Hors d'Oeuvre DIRECTOR'S NAME: Monica Menez DURATION: 4'37" SHORT FILM SYNOPSIS: Hors-d'œuvre is a fashion movie split up in three episodes. The movie exaggerated describes the daily needs and manners and also takes a look on the thereby appearing side effects and unpredictabilities. The first episode discusses a situation of absolute sadness and suffering - and a possible way out. The second episode shows all the things that can be lost during shopping. The third episode whereas explai