Horace Silver Trio: Horace Silver's "Peace" (jazz guitar trio), Horace Silver Quintet & Elvin Jones Trio 1968 - FULL LIVE, Señor Blues by Horace Silver,

Horace Silver Trio

From a concert at Birdland59 Jazz Club in Ettlingen, Germany on June 27, 2008

Kevin Van Sant - guitar
Ben Palmer - bass
James Simpson - drums

This song comes from a new Van Sant / Palmer Jazz Duo CD, "Play the Music of Horace Silver" which can be found online at www.KevinVanSant.com

On Jazz Omkring Midnat - Denmark TV - 1968


.Horace Silver Quintet:

Дельфийские игры, Тюмень 2016 (бронзовые призёры)
Юнкинд Валерия (саксофон)
Чаплыгин Виктор (гитара)
Антонов Антон (бас)