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Hilltop Hoods - Rattling the Keys to the Kingdom

Собрали в одном клипе львиную часть хип хоп сцены. Процентов 30 я даже не знаю.
Hilltop Hoods Rattling the Keys to the Kingdom
The latest release from the Hilltop Hoods titled Rattling The Keys to the Kingdom from their forthcoming album 'Drinking From The Sun' to be released in March.

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Found the lyrics on the hoods' tumblr. Thanks to everyone who contributed anyway!

When I start breathing heavily, I scar the beat the beat and melody,
They said that we dreaming we'll keep reaching till leaving heavenly,
The key to freedoms said to be, release and leave the memory,
Think you offended me? Please, with critics like these who needs an enemy?
Indeed a breed of pedigree beast unleashing speech telepathy,
Here to bleed the industry of its diseased and evil effigy,
Demons, thieving, greed and revelry, we're in need and seeking remedy,
But it seems to stay ten feet ahead of me like a centipede,
I'm a train upon a track; I'm a flame upon a match,
Ain't straying from my place I want my face
Hilltop Hoods bring out a bunch of the rappers from the 'Rattling the Keys' film clip during their performance at Sprung Hip Hop Festival 2012.

Edited by Selina Miles of Unity Sound Visual.


Footage by
Matt Thorne
Selina Miles
Taken from the forthcoming album 'Drinking from the Sun'

Produced by Suffa