Here Comes My Baby: «Только Эпл вайт!!!!!!!!!!» под музыку Flo Rida - Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby let me know girl i’m gonna show you how to do

Here Comes My Baby

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Премия "Грэмми" за лучшее кантри-исполнение. 1965 год.
Tremeloes были одной из самых задорных команд "британского вторжения". При этом одной из ранних. Образовались в 1958 году и существуют до сих пор! Популяризаторы знаменитого хита "Here Comes My Baby" и той самой "Ела рыбу")). В 60-е считались одной из перспективных команд, однако успех развить не смогли из-за своей ориентации и кавер-версии (хотя мне их версия "I Shall Be Released" нравится больше оригинала, а вот "Words" уже отдельный разговор).
Sons of Admirals aka charlieissocoollike, Alex Day, Eddplant and Tom Milsom perform Here Comes My Baby LIVE on The 5:19 Show!<br/><br/>
Кіно зняте нами в час одної з жовтневих пиятик.
Хто зна про що.
Ідея Дерюги.
Знімав вставки я.
Звук разом з Мішкою робили.
І інші.

Прохання дивитися тут, не додавати собі в відео, і не поширювати без згоди на те людей, що знімалися. Жодних прав не застережено.
'Here Comes My Baby' recorded by Cat Stevens and also by The Tremeloes in 1967
The Tremeloes Here Comes My Baby uit 1968
fun music video. i used scenes taken from the 5th and 6th season of Scrubs.
I love that show.
The song is by Cat Stevens "Here Comes my Baby"
Great acoustic cover of a great song by Cat Stevens.
The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby (1967)

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Here Comes My Baby, Run Baby Run, My Town, What A State I'm In, Loveing You, Good Day Sunshine, You, Shake Hands, When I'm With Her, Even The Bad Times Are Good (I thank you for watching.)

In the midnight moonlight hour
I'll be walking a long and lonely mile,
And every time I do,
I keep seeing this picture of you

Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
And-a it becomes as no surprise to me
with another guy,

Well, here comes my baby, here she comes now,
Walking with a love,
With a love that's oh so fine
Never to be mine, no matter how I try,

You'll never walk alone,
and you're forever talking on the phone
I try to call you names,
but every time it comes out the same

Here comes my baby; her
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Music video by The Mavericks performing Here Comes My Baby. (C) 1999 Mercury Records
Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby 1967

In the midnight, moonlight hour
I'm walking alone that lonely mile
and everytime I do
I keep seeing that picture of you

Hey, here comes my baby, here she comes now
and when she comes it's no surprise for me
with another guy
Well, here comes my baby, here she comes now
walking with her love, with her love, that's also fine
never to be mine, no matter how I try