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Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins Band - Liar (Subtitulos Español) HD
Álbum: Weight (1994)
Vídeo: Liar Official Music Video

In support to his world tour and television program on IFC, world famous musician and performer Henry Rollins releases a two disc set that becomes an instant must own for fans and something to check out if you're not already. Enjoy!
одна из пяти частей разбитых по ютубу,а большего и не хотелось
Не в бровь, а в глаз, г-н Роллинз!
отрывок из шоу генри роллинза,

original, таскать, Henry Rollins on rave and modern rock music

Panacea feat. A C Slater - Rave Music Resurrected, который кстати пропал...

#WrongTurn #WTGroup
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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat Henry Rollins, Tom MorelloFlea - War
Gogol Bordello performing "60 Revolutions" from Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike on the Henry Rollins Show, 2007 August 10.
Генри Роллинз — американский альтернативный музыкант, вокалист, автор песен, артист в жанре spoken word, автор книг (проза и поэзия), теле- и радиоведущий, актёр. Наиболее известен как фронтмен групп Black Flag и Rollins Band.

Защитник прав человека, противник политических правых. В своих сольных выступлениях открыто критикует политическую и социальную обстановку в США, правительство Буша, выставляя своего президента полным идиотом. Предметом одного из номеров на его выступлениях является рассказ о зимне
amazing performance of amazing song
Queens of the Stone Age
Live on the Henry Rollins Show - 06/22/2007

Aired on June 1st, 2007 featuring Imani Coppola and Butterscotch Clinton

Presented by the one and only Henry Rollins [HQ]
Performance of Day of the Bephomets by The Mars Volta on the Henry Rollins Show in 2007

Frontman Henry Rollins of hardcore punk band Black Flag rips into this kid during a back stage interview in 1984. Watch more videos at http://www.iviewtube.com
Генэк Катушка выдает 3 с половиной часа историй. Выступление в Мельбурне, Австралия.

Попробуй осилить за раз, dare u, bitch!
Henry Rollins @ Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user5899300
Henry Rollins @ VK: http://vk.com/harmony_in_my_head

Part 2 of 3: http://vk.com/video-52185781_167997015
Part 3 of 3: http://vk.com/video-52185781_167997276
StandUp выступление Генри Роллинза в Санкт-Петербурге пройдёт 03го февраля, в клубе Космонавт
встреча ВК: https://vk.com/event102813796
билеты онлайн: http://spb.ponominalu.ru/event/henry-rollins
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Я пришел к тебе чтобы понять тебя,чтобы ты понял как я нужен тебе.Я в любом удобном для меня случае кину тебя,оставаясь твоим лучшим другом....

Vide of "Liar"
Slayer Interview on Henry Rollins Show

A short film by Albert Watson from 1997 - starring Henry Rollins as himself, doing his spoken word bit I Know You of the album The Boxed Life.
Bone Thugs N Harmony - War (Remix & Feat. Henry Rollins)

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Placebo- Blind (Henry Rollins Show 2007)

July 6th 2007. I love this presentation and Blind is definetely one of my fav from Meds.

I uploaded this one a few days after the show but...you know, all over again
Live from O2 Forum Kentish Town, London on November 12th, 2015
Special guests for this occasion: Henry Rollins, Grace Jones, Jesse Hughes, Dave Catching and Alain Johannes

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Henry Rollins jokes about Metalheads and iron Maiden
Dinosaur Jr. performs live in the KEXP studio. Henry Rollins interviews Dinosaur Jr. Recorded December 17, 2011.

Little Fury Things
Freak Scene
Just Like Heaven

Hosts: DJ El Toro & Henry Rollins
Audio Engineer: James Nixon
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Patrick Richardson Wright
Editing: Scott Holpainen

Rollins. I think I know you.

Henry Rollins Performs at the Johnny Ramone Tribute show - Judy is a Punk, Commando, Blitzkrieg Bop
Henry Rollins, front man from Black Flag rips into a kid during a 1984 backstage interview. Let's face it, the kid had it coming to him, approaching an 80's coked up Rollins with such a nervous demeanour. Nevertheless, Rollins speaks a lot of truth.
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Dutch TV interview with Henry Rollins from March 1995.

гитарная версия лучше)
Henry Rollins, lead singer of Black Flag, joins Pharrell Williams to talk about everything from personal anger to his musical influences. Rollins tells the story of how he became the lead singer of Black Flag and what has led him to writing and spoken word. He talks about rebelling against close-minded, authoritarian punk crowds and his decision not to use drugs or alcohol. And he explains the rush of holding an crowd's attention and his respect and love for his audience.

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Henry Rollins talks about inspiration.

The Ruts with Henry Rollins - Live in London July 16, 2007 HD (Paul Fox benefit gig)

00:00 01. Something That I Said
04:20 02. Staring At The Rude Boys
07:54 03. Sus
12:00 04. West One (Shine On Me)
15:28 05. Jah War (with Molara)
20:30 06. Babylon's Burning
23:20 07. Society
25:40 08. In a Rut (with everyone)
Henry Rollins speaks at Soka University of America about the importance of being a global citizen.
Сделал перевод и субтитры к совершенно замечательной песне и не менее отличному самодельному клипу на дуэт Уильяма Шатнера и Генри Роллинза (на гитаре, кстати, Эдриан Белью из King Crimson) - I Can't Get Behind That (заметьте, что Шатнеру на момент выхода альбома в 2004-м было 73 года).

Настоящий иронично-сатиричный гимн несогласия с современностью, где подписываться можно практически под каждым словом ,)
Gogol Bordello performing "Ultimate" from Super Taranta! on the Henry Rollins Show, 2007 August 10.

J, Lou, and Murph play Forget the Swan. 2006-05-29
(From freesofree.net)
Slayer - Cult

The Henry Rollins Show
Henry Rollins - early spoken word clips
Listen to more Black Flag here: http://tinyurl.com/3t5ejy3
Performing day of the baphomets
Check out my band:
Henry Rollins explains the Nu-Metal formula. Hilarious.

Henry Rollins habla sobre cómo se hace el nu-metal


Henry Rollins' advice on discipline, self-reliance, and overcoming obstacles.

Directed / Produced by
Elizabeth Rodd and Jonathan Fowler

Live performance for The Blood Brothers' Laser Life at Henry Rollins Show.

This video is not meant to promote any particular political view. All material is cited below.

Visit http://bigthink.com/ or their YouTube channel for interviews from today's top minds in philosophy, science, and more.

Henry Rollins' Letter to a Young American - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbnFJVgBcw0
Full Transcript: http://bigthink.com/ideas/42675

Henry Rollins' Letter to a Young American (Part 2) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdHAtvlpeRsfeature=plcp
Full Transcript: http://bigthink.com/ideas/42676

Apparat - Sweet Unrest

Time Lapse School - Test - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKpylHCcD2A

Or Yarok - Road Safety Commercial. Empty School. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhLDdkR6PT4

Snow Falling at Night 1080P HD Kodak Zi8 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7TMlfBHCK0

Fraud Bernie Madoff Pushed by Photographer - http://www.youtube.

13 years later: Nardwuar's second interview with Henry Rollins. Dec 18, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada! (First interview (From '98) here http://youtu.be/Rt8i4lStIxg) Black Flag photos by Bev Davies / BevDavies.com. New Rollins photos by Mikala Taylor / BackstageRider.com !

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Henry Rollins and Pharrell Williams sat down to hash out the major issues of our day from education reform and politics to dealing with personal challenges.

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Henry Rollins and Zach Galifanakis

Henry begs the question: Are punk bands selling out when their songs end up on television commercials?

This is a clip from an interview Henry Rollins did for a Dutch television station back in 1995.

The full interview can be found here:

While he is serious about the type of women he is interested in, his comment about women that are not in shape is hilarious.
If I let you, you would make me destroy myself.
in order to survive you, i must first survive myself.
I can sink no further, and I cannot forgive you
there's no choice but to confront you, to engage you, to erase you.
I've gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain
I will use my mistakes against you, there's no other choice
im shameless now, im nameless now, im nothing now, im no one now
but my soul must be iron 'cause my fear is naked
im naked and fearless
and my fear i
a quote from Henry Rollins


music by Stars of the Lid

Henry Rollins interviews actress Tilda Swinton at an Academy screening of "Only Lovers Left Alive" on March 10, 2014, as part of a Jim Jarmusch screening series at LACMA's Bing Theater.
Henry Rollins on Dating

by Nikolay Prorokov

The 50 DVD has made its arrival to our site after being sold on tour only for most of this year. The DVD is a live performance of me at the National Geographic Theater in Washington DC on February 13th, 2011, when I turned fifty. Ian MacKaye introduces me and I take it from there. It was a good night in a good theater with a fantastic audience. One of the parts I like about it is that we did some non performance footage of me going back to some of my old haunts in DC like the classic venue Madams Organ as w
Second Part. Henry Rollins Is Interviewed About His Childhood, Life And Psychologically Analyzed For His Masculine And Feminine Traits

With Analysis By Clinical Psychologist Oliver James

Broadcast 18/12/2000
В этом выступлении в числе прочего Генри рассказывает про Лос-Анджелесский бунт 92 года, связанный с делом Родни Кинга; смерть своего лучшего друга и техника Black Flag и Rollins Band - Джо Коула; даёт рецепты по борьбе с депрессией и многое другое. Приятного просмотра.
At the end of the Grinderman show at Slim's, Henry Rollins and Jello Biafra joined Nick Cave to sing "Deanna". I only had my little digital camera so the audio isn't that great, sorry! Live, July 27, 2007.

"Kiss Napoleon Goodbye"
Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins
short film
First and foremost, I do not own this material.

As a hardcore fan of Henry Rollins, I always thought that his best spoken word material was a special he did for Comedy Central exactly 14 years ago. This was about a year or so before his Up For It special aired on Comedy Central and I would argue that it's easily Hank's best work to date as a spoken word performer. This special is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find online and since most of Henry's Spoken Word videos are on here, I figure why not share this with t
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Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush Live - Henry Rollins
Musicians : Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood , Nigel Godrich
From Thom Yorke album "the eraser"
Henry Rollins Stand-Up Show 03/02/2016
J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph of Dinosaur Jr. sit down to discuss their history with skateboarding as well as the making of their video for "Over It". Guest appearances from Henry Rollins, and Mike Manzoori

Watch every other Thursday as Hand In Hand showcases your favorite musicians and artists who have influenced, and are inspired by, skateboarding.

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В этом выступлении в числе прочего Генри рассказывает про Лос-Анджелесский бунт 92 года, связанный с делом Родни Кинга; смерть своего лучшего друга и техника Black Flag и Rollins Band - Джо Коула; даёт рецепты по борьбе с депрессией и многое другое. Приятного просмотра.
Webisode: Henry Rollins on the state of music today.

Note: Webisodes are not scenes from the Bloodied But Unbowed documentary film; they consist of extended interviews, outtakes, and material shot specifically for thepunkmovie.com.

© 2010 Tabata Productions Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Космонавт / 03/02/2016
В этом выступлении в числе прочего Генри рассказывает про Лос-Анджелесский бунт 92 года, связанный с делом Родни Кинга; смерть своего лучшего друга и техника Black Flag и Rollins Band - Джо Коула; даёт рецепты по борьбе с депрессией и многое другое. Приятного просмотра. Это мой первый опыт в производстве субтитров, любая критика приветствуется.

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He Never Died Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Henry Rollins, Jordan Todosey Movie HD

Jack, a social outcast, is thrust out of his comfort zone when the outside world bangs on his door and he can't contain his violent past.

You're quite the artsy one, aren't you? Fandango MOVIECL
Видео группы http://vk.com/a_deth
Абажаю Дэтх! - Группа для металлистов, которые способны относиться к жизни с чувством юмора и воспринимать глупые высказывания о любимой музыке не как оскорбление, а как безобидные шутки.

Мотивирующие советы от Генри Роллинза по поводу дисциплины, уверенности в своих силах и преодолению препятствий.
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The Last Heist Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Henry Rollins, Torrance Coombs Movie HD

June 17, 2016

A bank heist descends into violent chaos when one of the hostages turns out to be a serial killer. Trapping the well-organized team of bank robbers
Blaϲk Flaց οո іTսneѕ: http://tinyurl.com/3t5ejy3
Music video i made for state of alerts public defender. Original animation taken from BBC ...
Henry Rollins is a musician, actor, writer, television and radio host. He hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, and is a regular columnist for LA Weekly and Rolling Stone Australia.
Various interviews of Henry hitting the nail on the head when discussing why we are meant to travel.

Видео сделано пабликом - #MyPRW
Оценка от #MyPRW - [1/10]
Подписывайтесь - http://vk.com/savewrestling
В этом выступлении в числе прочего Генри рассказывает про Лос-Анджелесский бунт 92 года, связанный с делом Родни Кинга; смерть своего лучшего друга и техника Black Flag и Rollins Band - Джо Коула; даёт рецепты по борьбе с депрессией и многое другое. Приятного просмотра.
Полное выступление Hardcore-Punk легенды Henry Rollins постеившего Wacken Open Air 2013.

Для тех, кто едет из России, туроператор Music Tours предлагает удобную дорогу и размещение: https://vk.com/wacken_fest
From his spoken word tour "Live at the Luna Park". He's explaining in a very funny way that it is impossible to beat the master of rock Iggy Pop.

Produced & Directed by Modi: modivationfilms.com
Henry Rollins tells an entertaining story about his personal experience with Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne.

-Taken from 'You Saw Me Up There' 1998

You can purchase the full DVD from here: http://henryrollins.shop.musictoday.com/Product.aspx?pc=1HAM22
by Николай Арутюнов

немного странное интервью (внешне))...несколько проясняет ситуацию тот факт что для Генри это вроде как было первое собственное шоу...и на тебе - Эдди Иззард)
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Henry Rollins @ Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user5899300

Henry Rollins @ VK: http://vk.com/harmony_in_my_head
text http://tim-roth.com/index.php?id=rollinsjun07
Русский перевод: