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Hattie Watson

Backstage shooting of model Hattie Watson by Christian Saint for the cover of Tattoo Life Magazine.

produced by @andre_velez

Hattie Watson in Black & White
model: Hattie Watson
video: patrick richardson wright
hair: william scott blair
wardrobe: osiris navarro
music: twin shadow - slow (van rivers remix)

view the still photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wrightmight/sets/72157625931953436/<br/><br/>
A behind-the-scenes video of my shoot with Hattie Watson last year shot by Ian Flanigan. Check out his link below. Thanks! Ian Flanigan: https://vimeo.com/user2787091
Model: Hattie Watson
Photographer: Mr. Glass
Hattie styled by: Quinn Cornchip
Wardrobe courtesy of American Apparel
Music: "More" by Peaches
Video by: Quinn Cornchip
Hattie Watson & Ends/Wealth Corp NSFW

Hattie Watson, Isaac Joel Torres, Andre Velez
produced by @andre_velez

Behind the scenes footage of Hattie Watson x Ends/Wealth Corp. photoshoot October 11th 2012.

Concept: Ends/Wealth Corp., Kolorblind.net, and Andre Velez
Model: @HattieWatson http://www.hattiewatson.com/
Photograhper: Isaac Joel Torres http://www.kolorblind.net/
Make Up: @HenriMitchelle
Videography: Andre Velez for IMF Mag http://imfmag.com/

Special thanks to Marc Moran for the space and @NemPerez for the Delorean and the hospitality

Styled by Ends/Wealth Corp.
Celine Fram