Harley & Lucky: Ольга Lucky & Саша Harley - Надежда ReMix (телеканал 'Столица'), Ольга Lucky & Harley - Надежда ReMix (телеканал "Столица"), Ольга

Harley & Lucky

Ночной молодёжный канал - ТК "Столица" - 12.05.2010
Премьера ремикса в яхт-клубе "Адмирал" - 27.03.2010
Threw together some clips from Harley which were filmed over the course of 4 days. We tried to go with the more smooth way of riding and editing this time - more technical tricks and less big air bangers.

Filmed & edited by Erik Mumm.
Special thanks to Madis Kukk, Rebel and Lucky Scooters.
Song: Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
Ferry Clot
Harley Davidson
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Mike Hoefs wasn't surprised to hear that his dad, Duane, had won a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. His dad's lucky horseshoe was always bringing him luck. What did surprise Mike was what his dad decided to do with the bike he won. This video tells the story of Mike and Duane — two riding enthusiasts from Siren, Wisconsin.

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Харлей, Ольга Lucky и Тёмми Lee - в программе ZВЕZDEЦ на радио "Premium" - 24.03.2010