Hard Road Blues: Tom Kilner Band " Hard Road" @ Newark Blues Festival 15, Jamul - Tobacco Road LIVE [1970 Hard Blues / Rural Rock US], Tampa Red - Hard Road

Hard Road Blues

Tom Kilner vocals and guitar, Oliver Tallent bass, Jake Ashton drums

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Jamul's members were Steve Williams, Bob Desnoyers, Ron Armstrong, John Fergus

"The album, though b
Recorded in Chicago November 27, 1940.
Uploaded by Rich at http://aftersabbath.blogspot.com the blog for 60s-70s heavy obscurities.

1970 Jamul [P] Vinyl LP Lizard A20101

The album, though being issued on the small Lizard label, may be not so obscure, but the band surely is. Named after a small town somewhere out in the back country near San Diego, there is almost no information available on this outfit. They are: Steve Williams, Bob Desnoyers, Ron Armstrong and John Fergus. Their music is mostly heavy blues rock with extremely po
Video en memoria de esta gran cantante Mariska Veres
"Long Hard Road", the awesome fifth studio disc by the BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND, features 11 trax (69 minutes) of killer, bad-ass, straight-ahead, in-your-face, solid bluesy heavy guitar riffage with powerful rippin' lead guitars that are guaranteed to rock your world. "Long Hard Road" is a classic modern-day heavy guitar riff monster with a way-kool retro-70's Les Paul through a Marshall vibe. The BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Long Hard Road" disc is HIGHLY recommended to fans of CREAM, MOUNTAIN, LESLIE WEST, ROBIN T
Eugene "Buddy" Moss (January 16, 1914 - October 19, 1984)