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Happy Ever After

"you say it's too late to make it; but is it too late to try?"

my beautiful forwood :) a lot of people are fangirling about Klaus+Caroline but for me it will always be Tyler+Caroline ;) i only did two vids about them and they were quite sad vids so here is a happy one!

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So here is the second Rumbelle vid as promised :D sorry it took a while was really busy with my last semester of College. I pretty much did this all with Final Cut and it is AMAZING. So much better than iMovie, definitely has amped up my vid, I am so going to continue using it for future videos. Basically this vid is both POV's Rumple and Belle not one or the other, each perspective varies depending on the lyrics * very minor Snowing Cameo* sorry I just love those two, they are another fa
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В сказках всё нередко заканчивается свадьбой, в фильме
Julia Fordham - Happy Ever After

"Heath Ledger called me up and said, 'Ben, I'm having a baby and you need to write a lullaby for my baby girl'.

I obliged and out came Happily Ever After in Your Eyes.''

"Heath Ledger called me up and said, 'Ben, I'm having a baby and you need to write a lullaby for my baby girl'.

I obliged and out came Happily Ever After in Your Eyes.''

песня Бена Харпера “Happily Everafter In Your Eyes" написана специально для Матильды (Харпер и Леджер создали свою звукозаписывающую компанию Masses Music Co).


Produced by C.k. Koch, Lera Lynn, Ben Lewis


Спасибо всем за то, что подписываетесь на мой канал.
В этом видео я решила сделать клип под песню Don't worry, be HAPPY! Смотрите)))
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Happy Ever Afters Trailer. In Irish cinemas December 26th

Режиссер - Стефен Бурк
В главных ролях - Салли Хокинс, Том Райли
Ирландия, 2009 г.
{read me to understand because this video have plot}

Well, this came up and i'm very sure that any Twilighter have ever wondered, what would have happened if Bella chooses Jacob instead of Edward? Let's IMAGINE that Bella chooses him and left Edward ignoring him and lefting him heartbroke, as you can see is a n EDWARD POV because he is telling how is he feeling about Bella ignoring his calls and treating him wrong and stuff. All the broke-up thing stars in New Moon when he came back for her. i hope y
Ривер и Доктор.История их жизни..
There's nothing better than a surprise Hat-Tastic birthday tea party with your best friends forever after, right?
СТОП МОУШЕН Эвер Афтер Хай.С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ. СТОП МОУШЕН Эвер Афтер Хай.С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ. СТОП МОУШЕН Эвер Афтер Хай.С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ. СТОП МОУШЕН Эвер Афтер Хай.С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ. СТОП МОУШЕН Эвер Афтер Хай.С ДНЕМ РОЖДЕНИЯ. STOP MOTION ever After high.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. STOP MOTION ever After high.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. STOP MOTION ever After high.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. STOP MOTION ever After high.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. STOP MOTION ever After high.HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 停的动议以后过高。生日快乐 停的动议以后过高。生日快乐 停的动议以后过高。生日快乐 停的动议以后过高。生日快乐 停的动议以后过高。生日

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Video features the new single "Concrete" available March 3rd on iTunes!

Go into the studio with the members of As It Is for the recording of their new album 'Never Happy, Ever After.'

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Video by Josiah VanDien.
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SPOILER ALERT for Naruto. Please don't watch if you don't know who Minato and Kushina are and or haven't seen things through. If you do, watch at your own risk. Song: Payphone - Artist: Maroon 5 -- Here's something I did on a whim. I've loved this song for a little bit and this couple instantly came to mind when it came to scenes and the feeling I wanted to give off. I spent a good 20 hours on this and only had 4 episodes to work with, so bare with me. It's a little different from my usual stuff but no worr
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Re-upload. Fucked up the pitch. Third place in NostalgiaAMV's Contest, category Romance.

This is a tribute to the original Orange Pearl Mermaid Princess and only interesting character in the first series, Sara, and her tragic love life.

Because YouScrewed doesn't know what Fair Use is I changed the pitch. And now it's a chipmunk. Yay.<br/><br/>
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Guys I'm Back with Yoonhyun and this time It has sub-text for all of you guys to know hat going on.
I hope You guys enjoy this drama, leave a comment, Subscribe and see ya later. Bye!!
A happy ending to this movie!! The ending is so cute AH peter comes back for her :')
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singing her own original song which is called Happy Ever After, is Amy Colalella :)
to vote, go to http://mileycyrus.com
for more of amy colalella's singing, go to:

voting is overrr and amy's won(:

download link! (mp3):
Verse 1:
You're beautiful, can't you see the effect you have on me
You've taken me for granted, and I can't stand it
My heart aches, with every step I take
but I'm still alive, yeah I'll be fine
what's it gonna take to make you mine?
what's it gonna take to make you mine?

Story book endings, but where's my happy ever after?
Something is missing, I just need to capture it
Sometimes we forget what really matters
Because we're too focused on our happy ever afters

Verse 2:
I feel so dysfunctional since things
between us changed
I take two steps forward,
then one step back ag
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Show : The shannara chronicle ( Amberle - Eretria)
Coloring ; Mine
Song ; Alive - Gabrielle aplin
Monday night is now the best day of the week.

Freeform's Happy Hour begins Monday March 13 at 8/7c!

Young & Hungry – premieres Monday, March 1...

Режиссер - Стефен Бурк
В главных ролях - Салли Хокинс, Том Райли, Гер Райан, Фина Оруче
Have some random stuff that sat around on my disk for a while. I'll be back with something new eventually, I hope you guys will still have me =)

[Watch in HD]
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I thought I never would xD But i just had to!! I loved this movie! I had read the book, and I kind of liked it xD BUT THE MOVIE! Ohh I loved so much more =DDD I think it's because the actor that made Charlie was olde
So.. I loved katelyn tarver 's character ever since she met Kendall in the Show. From Then on I fell in love with Jendall . I was crying like hell during Big Time Breakup and all of a sudden Lucy comes out of no where trying to sweep kendall off his feet. NO. I WANT JENDALL. Kendall and Jo are like adfghjkkl perfect together.

SO, my mom ruined my plans with my guyfriend for tomorrow.. i was sulking so i went on youtube.. and BOOM. THIS video was created. It fits this couple so well! ashjkl.
[I don't know what the heck happened at 0:45 -.-]

Soooo....after so many months, please enjoy the full version of Payphone :)
Sorry if I kept anyone waiting :(

Klainers, don't give up, we know they gonna be together in the end! :D
They're on the right track :)

Song: Payphone - Marron 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa


Hey, guys! :)
I hope you'll like this video.<br/><br/>

Sorry about the quality, in trying to fix the colouring, the quality of the video suffered greatly!OK, now onto WilSon...I love them! I still love them. Im torn between being "Will you should have told Sonny" and just wanted to give Will a hug! I already kind of figured that the baby's paternity would be revealed at Nick and Gabi's wedding...it seemed the obvious choice.
I just hope they dont take too long to get Wilson back together.

Fandom: Will Horton and Son
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Tim Christensen The Damn Crystals rehearsing in Copenhagen for the 2012-tour supporting the album 'Tim Christensen The Damn Crystals' - Available online from this link : http://timc.sonymusicshop.dk/ Tour dates : http://www.pdh.dk/koncertplan/?artist_id=42
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Prima Ribbonista Sandy Allnock turns non-Christmas stamps into a darling Christmas scene!
14 февраля valentine`s day день рождение Тани 10 лет в стиле Ever After High, Таня была в образе С...
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Esse foi uma propaganda lançada no Reino Unido para divulgar na Nova temporada de SWAC.
Colocamos Sonny de vez Sunny por questão de ser o seu nome original.

Video de origem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA1WSrIdRyA
Espero que gostem

Aviso: O seriado Sonny With a Chance não é de nossa autoria, ele pertence ao canal Disney Channel, nós legendamos sem nenhum fim lucrativo.

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i have nothing to say LOL.
enjoy / comment / rate :DD

[Regina's POV]
Watch in 720p HD + small screen otherwise it looks like CRAP. D:
Feedback = ♥
After a creative block, this happened! xD
Hope you like it! xo

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Track. The Theme from Ever After High

Ever After 28/06/2015.
Parte em que Lana interpreta cena do primeiro episódio, primeira temporada.

(Video: Monique Tayah)
Please watch in 720 [HD]
Fandom: The Originals: Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall

Program: Sony Vegas 13

Coloring: Sweetie 2566

˙·٠•● Thank you for watching ! ●•٠·˙

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is
made for "fair use" for pur
Catherine goes after Vincent towards her 'happily ever after.' Sabrina stops her. Vincent, Evan and Heather arrive at the same time.
Добавил админ: Адмирал Хот-Дог
Anime: Drifters ( Drifters: Battle in a Brand-new World War )
Episode: 3
Song: The Oceanside - Happy Ever After
#musical #cabare #parody #opera

О том как снимали: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFB5Yh4XvdA
Оригинал на YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6em5XNkiIA
Канал создателей: http://youtube.com/AVbyte
bensonliv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR3TaLp6z1s

"Ever Ever After", исполнитель: Carrie Underwood
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Song: Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa – Payphone

"Where are the plans we made for two?"
Fandom: Doctor who
Music video by Bloodshot Eyes performing Happy Ever After (C) 2015
Produced Mixed & Recorded by Omri Bager
Mastered by Tom Coyne (Sterling- sound)
Directed, Edited & Animated by Yeftah Harosh @Studio Conan, Rehovot
Shot by Dorian Kerido

Smile empty smile
If it makes you feel better
When you're all alone against the worst
Try they will try
But they can't steal your soul
Don't give yourself away

In my mental situation with a needle in my hand
I'm burning all the pictures in my head
I don't wa
Part 10 for heymonwebejammin's Payphone MEP.

I absolutely ADORE this song! I mean Adam Levine!! WAVKNWJANJVL!!
Also this is my first time editing comics instead of manga xD
♥Song: Payphone - Maroon 5 (Cover by Alex G)
♥Couples: Ichihime, slight Ulquihime (sorry xD)

「S♥S」"All of our bridges burned down...."

(HD + Headphones for best experience.)
This video has been sitting on my desktop for about four weeks now and I finally decided to finish it. It's been a while since I uploaded a Once Upon A Time video I know,but I hope you enjoy this one. (Also how do you like the casting of Anna and Kristoff. The girl cast as Anna looks just like her so I'm very excited to see what happens).
show: Once Upon A Time
Program: Sony Vegas pro
Romantische Komödie von Stephen Burke aus dem Jahr 2009.
Mit: Sally Hawkins, Tom Riley | Regie: Stephen Burke
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