HUMAN TETRIS - Things I Don't Need: HUMAN TETRIS - Things I Don't Need [unofficial video], HUMAN TETRIS_Things I Don't Need.wmv, Human Tetris- things I don't

HUMAN TETRIS - Things I Don't Need

I forgot how you talk, I forgot how to talk
Can this place help me
Your memory's unlocked but mine is locked
Can someone help me

Your hands in my pocket they warm me like summer sun
And I remember being unlucky from my first day till now
You never talked to me only when we drove outside this town
And I'm so fed up with being held don't try to hold me now

I suppose that I told, I suppose that you heard
I try to find what I don't need
I never liked being taught, I never even thought
We'll get so close to it

Московские ребята...по-моему очень даже!
Motherland Summer 2013