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Gumbasia, How Art Clokey Got Gumby's Name While millions of people everywhere in the world knows angle head green Gumby and the yellow smile, few know the history behind their name.

Gumbasia, o primeiro trabalho de animação de Clokey.

Arthur "Art" Clokey (nascido Arthur C. Farrington, Detroit, 12 de outubro de 1921 - 8 de janeiro de 2010) foi um animador estadunidense, pioneiro na popularização da animação stop motion com argila. Ficou conhecido por criar juntamente com sua esposa o personagem Gumby, na década de 50. Morreu em 8 de janeiro de 2010, aos 88 anos, em consequência de uma infecção do trato urinário.

"Gumbasia, a 3 minute 34 second short film produced in 1953 and released on September 2, 1955, was the first clay animation produced by Art Clokey, who went on to create the classic series Gumby and Davey and Goliath using the same technique.

Clokey created Gumbasia while studying at the University of Southern California under the direction of Slavko Vorkapić. It was a surreal short of pulsating lumps of clay set to music in a parody of Walt Disney's Fantasia. Gumbasia was created in a style Vorkapić taught called Kinesthetic Film Principles. Described as "massaging of the eye cells" this technique, based on camera movements and stop-motion editing, is responsible for much of the look and feel later seen in Gumby films. When Clokey showed Gumbasia to film producer Sam Engel in 1955, Engel decided to fund a 15-minute short film that became the first Gumby episode -- Gumby Goes to the Moon."
- Wikipedia

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R.I.P. Art Clokey! Everyone knows Gumby and Davey Goliath. Here's Art's1953 Pre-Gumby experimental claymation film.