Guitar Rag: Brian Setzer - Guitar Rag - Live!, Brian Setzer - Guitar Rag, Brian Setzer - Guitar Rag (Live), Chris Scruggs & his Steel Guitar - Kayton's

Guitar Rag

Recorded live on the Brian Setzer Orchestra's tour of Japan.

Chris' tribute to steel guitar great Kayton Roberts Another excellent arrangement for three guitars by Edson Lopes of one of Scott Joplin's classics, Maple Leaf Rag.

Recorded with Michele Della Giustina 2001 classical guitar in 2d Recording Studio, November 2013.

Equipment used: Metric Halo ULN-2 | 5 Oktava Mk-012 microphones with stock omni capsules and MJE-K47H Capsule heads by Michael Joly, as well as a Rode NT-1A Joly mod.

Our twist on two Merle Travis classics. Enjoy!
Les Paul Mary Ford - In The Good Old Summertime-Steel Guitar Rag

Brian Setzer - Guitar Rag
Live in Japan - 2002
Классный гитарист.
Сильное соло.
What an amazing opportunity to see Tommy play some great tunes up close ! Here he plays a Kirk Sand Steel String guitar that happened to be on display at the Kirk Sand booth.

David Hartley & John Stannard
Date:- 10th November 2011

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John James Talks about Ragtime Guitar and Plays 12th Street Rag. Recorded some time in the early '90's and not widely seen.

Here's a tutorial I recorded on how to play it:
This is no piece of cake! It's a fairly complex little piece and I kept a fairly early take of mine for the video. I usually work on the arrangements for my beginners' lessons a little more and strip away any clutter, but I did like the vibe of this one, and even though there are a few flubs here and there, you'll get the drift.

It's in A. I listened to Scott's version, which was in A flat. I tuned down a half step to play along and then re-tuned to concert pitch. A flat is not a friendly key for gui
This is my arrangement of Maple Leaf Rag in the key of A. Click on this link to go directly to my websites Free tabs page:
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BAND MEMBERS: Dirk Johnson - PIano, Lester Earl Singer - Acoustic Guitar, Mark Johnson - Bass Guitar, Bruce Watkins - Electric Guitar, Mike Streeter - Drums. This show aired between 85-86 on TNN.

Made this for my Mom She Just loves this Instrumental

Singer/songwriter M. Ward performs a medley of two instrumental songs backstage at Chicago's Park West venue. [Monday, January 26; footage by Tyler Grisham]

Another take on "Steel Guitar Rag." Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul. Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100. 1960AV cab.

Eddie Clendening - Demonstration de GUITAR PICKING - Cannonball Rag - Concert du 07-02-2010 à Torremolinos - The ROCKIN' RACE JAMBOREE - Festival Rockabilly à MALAGA (Espagne)
Performance on Tim Farmer's Homemade Jam From November 2013. Watch the entire episode located at
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Learn Guitar Rag

As promised a couple of weeks ago, I take a closer look at this classic guitar piece and break it down into bite-size chunks. There are many versions, and it's a challenging tune. I lifted riffs and techniques from her and there to produce a version that we can sing to.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004. LIVE at Cotton Bowl Dallas.
"Barbara Mandrell"- Steel Guitar Rag
A quick guitar lesson on how to play "Rag and Bone" by The White Stripes.

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Legendary finger style guitar player MERLE TRAVIS performed on "The Ronnie Prophet Show" January 29, 1978

Merle was ill all week while in Toronto, Canada. During the afternoon rehearsals for the show, Merle almost cancelled, but decided at the last minute to do the 2 different "Ronnie Prophet" shows. He wasn't 100% but still gave a great performance! He played four solo instrumentals and then a duet with Ronnie.

Ronnie Prophet was on national television for over fifteen years. His series "GRAND OLD COUNTRY" and "THE RONNIE PROPHET SHOW" as seen nationally across Canada, Great Britain and Australia every week featuring some of the top US and Canadian country music artists.
Tommy at a guitar clinic in France in 2001 playing Guitar Rag.

Absolutely love this new track fro PTH. I definitely recommend you all get on their bandcamp subscription right now!

Playings a little scuffy still but this song is quick!
Blues guitar lessons review
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In this lesson we take a look at the second part and also how we can use variations to make a song more interesting.

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