Grow on you: Some songs just grow on you, Yana Sotnikova on Instagram: “-Who do you wanna be when you grow up? -When I do WHAT? #AboutLastNight 🙈”, Melissa

Grow on you

“We grow apart, I watch you on the red horizon. Your lion's heart, will protect you under stormy skies. And I will always, be listening for your laughter…”
“These words hit so close to home. You guys are our stars & moon . Thank you for growing with us. preview link in our bio
“You know the struggle is real when the board is just about as big as you are. @cruisemos catches some growing pains here but the word is he's a ripper.…”
“And when your heart grows lonely I hope you find a new love❤️”
“This video is really romantic..they were dancing like a couple.. and Ri attempted to kiss .. Just grow old together you two @xxxibgdrgn @seungriseyo ..…”
“Haha. Ok ok... And then you ask why he's my brother. This is exactly me growing up in New York. No money but rich with drive and ambition... Quick to turn…”
“Happy 18th Birthday B!!! When we first met five years ago I would have never imagined that you would grow to become my best friend and how essential you…”
“My son tells me "When I grow up dad Ima be stronger than you" As he flexes his muscles and stares right at me I couldn't be prouder of him. These kids our…”
“So sad to drop off my sister and niece last night but this moment I'll hold onto forever. As you grow older you realize Christmas is about giving and the…”
“#1996 is one of the most personal songs to me on the album. Your friends, family & life experiences growing up make you who you are... E xx”
“I've been singing to you and watering you every day little sunflower. Grow sunflower GROW!”
Сериал Защитники | Defenders
Сериал Сорвиголова | DareDevil
Сериал Джессика Джонс | Jessica Jones
Сериал Люк Кейдж | Luke Cage
Сериал Железный кулак | Iron Fist
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Alyssa Milano Jayne
"I feel like I know myself better, but I think I'm still learning every day. Sometimes I wake up and I'm like who am I? But there are moments where I feel like the 14 year old me to the 17 year old me to now being 23, it's weird. But I feel like I've lived enough life and I have a right to speak my mind about my personal experiences," Goemz says.


Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler [lyrics on screen]
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