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Grouplove - Tongue Tied
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Grouplove - Tongue Tied
Происшествия одной безумной ночи в обратном порядке в видеоклипе американской инди-рок группы GROUPLOVE на песню Tongue Tied
The L.A. band, featured in SPIN's November issue, perform a song off their debut full-length, 'Never Trust a Happy Song.'
Смотри , Слушай Клипы и Музыку в Хорошем Качестве! не пожалеешь ! ;)

GROUPLOVE - Tongue Tied (Legenda PT - BR)
Standing firmly in the middle ground between the quirky, folky and soulful; Los Angeles based indie rock outfit 'GroupLove' encompasses all that is wholesome and spirited. The band came to fruition around 2009 through the talent and dedication of Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Ryan Rabin and Andrew Wessen.

'GroupLove' were formed out of a friendship between the five members of the band whilst attending an art residency/commune on the island of Crete, Greece.

Every performance di
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Grouplove performed an amazing set at Lollapalooza Chicago in 2014. The crowd was in an absolute frenzy for the entire show. I pride myself on posting quality videos and only complete songs, but this is an exception. The quality is good (except for my zoom lens slightly covering the upper left hand corner) however, the funny part is that the crowd was so crazy that the chick in front of me knocked my iphone right out of my hand about 2/3 through the song. Still had to post it so you could get an idea of
http://KEXP.ORG presents Grouplove performing "Tongue Tied" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 8, 2013.

Host: Troy Nelson
Audio Engineer: Jackson Long
Cameras: Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Scott Holpainen<br/><br/>
GROUPLOVE - Tongue Tied, live at KOKO, London 17/05/11
Absolutely love funky songs that have been remixed to sound even more fucking awesome. I uploaded this on my blog and got a hell of a response, hope you all enjoy!

Thank you to Olivia Bell for the use of her photograph in this video. See her work here:

PLEASE SUB... Our Cover of "Tongue Tied" by GROUPLOVE. WE LOOOOOVE THIS SONG! Tell us what you think! -Tyler Reid Stevie G.

Let us know what other covers you'd like us to do and check out our originals!!

This is "Tongue Tied" by Grouplove, off their album "Never Trust A Happy Song". It's all completely learned by ear.

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Recorded at Grouplove's performance at the 20th Anniversary Lollapalooza Festival held in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on Friday August 5th, 2011.

Can you make a duet with me? #Ukraine ☺️

Katya Kadenyuk.
American indie rockers Grouplove dropped in to the Nova studio to perform an acoustic version of their latest hit "Tongue Tied".
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"Never Trust A Happy Song" featuring "Tongue Tied" available now:
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Grouplove perform live at 102.1 the Edge's Sugar Beach Studio in Toronto.

Honda Civic Tour headliner Grouplove performs “Tongue Tied” Live at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 21, 2014.

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