Griffin Village - Summer (Lyra and Bon-Bon) смотреть онлайн

Griffin Village - Summer (Lyra and Bon-Bon)

Howdy! I'm back with some more music!

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This is the first song on an album that I'm working on, a little side-project called Griffin Village (remind you of anything?)

I'm going for a cheesy, corny, electropoppy sound (pop-corny?) as either an homage, a tribute, or a parody of one of my favorite bands, Owl City (His stuff is pretty damn catchy... it's like a guilty pleasure).
This was also an entry to Sci's weekly contest. The theme of which was "Rainbows"!

The song is about a pegasus who's vacationing from Cloudsdale to come see Ponyville, but unfortunately gets his shit wrecked by a tree and breaks both of his wings. Nurse Redheart fixes him up as best as she can, but now that he's unable to fly back home, and all of the inns in Ponyville are full, he either sleeps on the street or he accepts the kind offer of Lyra and Bon-Bon to stay in their cottage.

Now, I know that