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Greyson Chance - Sunshine & City Lights

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This is a played-by-ear piano cover of Greyson Chance's remarkable song "Sunshine and City Lights" from his new album "Truth be Told - Part 1". Check it out, Like, add to favourites, leave a comment and subscribe for more!

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(Video On Trial - March 6th 2013 -:- with -:- Trevor Boris, Evany Rosen, Eddie Della Siepe, David Kerr Trixx)
Greyson Chance in the studio working on music from his new EP "Truth Be Told part 1" - set to its first single "Sunshine City Lights"<br/><br/>
Greyson Chance in the studio working on music from his new EP "Truth Be Told part 1" - set to its first single "Sunshine City Lights".

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check out this exclusive performance of Greyson Chance's "Sunshine City Lights" live in Hollywood California! join Greyson as he continues his live performance series that gives you a first look at "Truth Be Told" his forthcoming EP--only on AwesomenessTV!

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check out Greyson's awesome new single - Sunshine City
Greyson Chance performs And City Lights live from Hollywood for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013 in Times Square, New York. Recorded live from Hollywood, CA.
Greyson Chance singing his new song "Sunshine and City Lights" at the Girl Scout's 100th birthday party in Albany, Oregon on August 11, 2012.
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I'm a HUGE enchancer. And totally love this song. And do check out the music video which was just released yesterday. I love you greyson chance! :)

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Greyson Chance preforming Sunshine and City Lights live in KK, Malaysia, birthday invasion. 3 Nov 2012.

want more behind the scenes from Greyson's Sunshine City Lights video shoot in New York? you got it! check out a few never-yet seen master performances on the city streets, overlooking the water, and in an awesome club.

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check out Greyson's awesome new single - Sunshine City Lights
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Greyson Chance's new single "Sunshine City Lights"

Greyson Chance @ Lincoln Hall Chicago
check out Greyson's awesome new single - Sunshine City Lights
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Greyson's back!! home from his world tour, Greyson heads to New York city to work on his new album. this week, we go behind the scenes of the music video for his new hit &quot;Sunshine City Lights&quot; don't miss out on these amazing all new episodes of #GreysonChanceTakeover!

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Greyson Chance performing Sunshine and City Lights at TJ Martell Family Day in NYC on 9/15/13
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Greyson sings a different version of SCL :) Sorry for the clicking pauses. I was just too excited so I wanted to video and take pictures at the same time.
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Greyson sings scl at TJ Martell foundation family day<br/><br/>
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Greyson chance -Sunshine City Lights
played by me
Hope you enjoy it :)
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Greyson Chance sings his new song, Sunshine and City Lights, at the Fair in PNE, Vancouver. August 29, 2012. He was so amazing! It is his best song yet! Sunshine and city lights will guide you home. [HD]

Greyson Chance plays Live! At Ayala Malls on November 11, 2012.

Setlist (no particular order):
1. Waiting Outside The Lines
2. Leila
3. You Might Be The One
4. Unfriend You
5. Take My Heart
6. Sunshine City Lights<br/><br/>
Greyson Chance sang his new song Sunshine and City Lights. this song made my Cry! the best song i've ever heard :') don't forget to subscribe me. thanks!

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