Grey Matter: Oingo Boingo - Grey matter (live 1983), Oingo Boingo - Grey matter (live), Серая дрянь (2012) | Grey Matter, 4bi9 Grey Matter Pullover ft. John

Grey Matter

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Однажды парень купил для отца баночного пива. Выпив его, отец перестал выходить из квартиры, стал избегать света, да и вообще с ним стали твориться необычные вещи. Парень привел на подмогу друзей отца. То, что они увидели в квартире, заставило их проверить свои беговые способности.
4bi9 Grey Matter Pullover ft. John Ware || The garment has a custom cut, sized appropriately for riding.

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Turn it up yo. But not too far.
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Я – зомби \ iZombie 2x11 Promo Fifty Shades of Grey Matter (HD)

Дата выхода 11 серии 2 сезона - 19 Янв 2016

В центре сюжета — студентка медицинского факультета Оливия «Лив» Мур, для которой последствия одной из вечеринок стали переломным моментом в жизни, превратившим её в зомби. Жизнерадостная, активная и пышущая здоровьем раньше, теперь Лив похожа на представителя готов — с бледной кожей, тёмными кругами вокруг глаз и почти белыми волосами. Она устраивается на работу в офис коронера, доктора Рави Чакрабарти, чтобы иметь доступ к мозгам, которые ей приходиться есть, чтобы поддерживать свою человеческую сущность. Однако с каждым съеденным ею мозгом она наследует воспоминания трупа.
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A: Pan-Pot - Grey Matter
B: Pan-Pot - Substance



A: Pan-Pot - Grey Matter
B: Pan-Pot - Substance



For Pan-Pot's second release on their new imprint they fall nothing short of what you would expect from the infamous duo.

Written and produced by Pan-Pot
All rights reserved to Second State Audio
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Directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza, 2011, Rwanda

Set in Kigali, Rwanda's capital, this radiantly self-referential film-within-a-film describes the vision and trials of a determined filmmaker named Balthazar, as he tries to produce his first feature, The Cycle of the Cockroach. The trenchant drama, about a brother and sister dealing with the aftermath of genocide, finds no support from agencies only interested in funding upbeat policy-friendly films. As Balthazar borrows recklessly from a loan shark, the Cycle pla
Music Clip dirigido por Eduardo Rhoppe de la canción Grey Matter de Logical Disorder (Javier Barrero a.k.a. Muto) editado por 33 Recordings
José Sequi
Isabel González
Laura Gallardo
Gustavo Adolfo Tari
Why are humans the only species to have language? Is there something special about our brains? Are there genes that have evolved for language? In this talk, Jeff Elman, UCSD professor of cognitive science and co-director of the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, discusses some of the exciting new research that helps us understand what it is about human language that is so different from other animals' communication systems, and what about our biology might make language possible. Series: "Grey Matters" [7/
“"And I see colors in a different way
You make what doesn't matter fade to grey" #bright #echosmith #love #bottlerock2015”
Celebrity Makeup Artist and mark Beauty Expert Mai Quynh shows you how to get the Gray Matters look with mark! Gray Matters: Why? For starters, eyes rimmed in a smoldering shade are super-sexy. Need another reason? Smoky, steely shadow was spotted all over the fall runways! Find out more at
Das LP zum Spiel hier :-)
This is the official music video for Grey Matters' song "Lidless" featuring G(o)ala Belle.
This song/video was made for promotional purposes only.

Special thanks to:
Jauntiness Productions
(Production Recording)
Handicap Productions
(Directing Video)

Additional thanks to:
Heather, Jules, Cameron Ugh, Ryan, Corey, Daniel, and Richie. Oh, and Winston Churchill.

Beat production by:
Ratatat - Beat 7

"Grey Matters"

"G(o)ala Belle"

"Jauntiness Productions"

"Handicap Productions"

Grey Matter - The BPM
Produced by Brandon Elwood and Buddha Fingers
A Sombrero Galaxy music video
for Transmediale 2013 Back When Pluto Was A Planet

Дата выхода на ТВ - 3 марта 2008

Matt Dallas / Мэтт Даллас. Official Group © 2009.12.26
Hobart Ocean new single "Another Heartbreak" is available for pre-order!

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Influential neurofunk, tech and bass agency – Methlab - land with the first release of their limited BNKR series, opening the label with Allied and his Obscurity ep as a 4 track digital ep and 2 track vinyl single. Following up his revered track ‘Anesthesia’ on the ‘Methlab // 1’ EP released through Bad Taste Recordings, Allied demonstrates his refined production technique and sleek, dubbed out futuristic sound with an EP designed to churn the da
Однажды парень купил для отца баночного пива. Выпив его, отец перестал выходить ...
New Epic Adventure by Jane Jensen (creator of Gabriel Knight Trilogy)
RELEASE DATE 15.08.2016
LABELS Selador

Selador Recordings

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Check out what happens when Japan and the US get to together and rock a beatbox jam.

Pro-shot video of the Finch 2003 Astoria show, London, England. Released in it's entirety for the first time. Ever.<br/><br/>
Server Name - Grey Matter Loot Loot #2
Here is a quick video of Justin Bieber and I doing a jam out version of his song Bigger during the taping of "Justin Bieber: Into Beatboxing"
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(Watch in HD)

This video is inspired by katreem & Iamnotrobin. It's sort of out of my comfort zone but I quite like how it turned out. These two have so much chemistry and the idea of the video should be pretty clear. I would love for them to actually end up being revealed as partners in crime though I very much doubt it.

Program used: FInal Cut Pro
Coloring: mine
Vine: Amissum
Twitter: Amisssum

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpo
iZombie | Fifty Shades of Grey Matter Trailer

iZombie 2x11 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter" - All-new episodes of iZombie return Tuesday February 2nd on The CW!
Краткий обзор процесса создания лого и айдентики для студии рейки. Один из самых приятных и потрясающих клиентов! Логотип получился достаточно сложный по структуре. Он очень сильно отличается от того стиля, который я делаю обычно. Но именно в художественной сложности и вся красота! Мы соединили и крылья, и руки, и свет чакр, и структуру мозга в одном изображении!
Alex Grey's talk on the importance of visionary art presented at Fractal Nation dome at Burning Man festival in 2012.

Music: "Ripple Effect" by Phutureprimitive from the album Kinetik

Featured Artwork:
Alex Grey -- "Adam and Eve", "Birth", "Nursing", "Dying", "Pregnancy", "The Kiss", "Praying"
Allyson Grey - "Chaos, Order & Secret Writing"
Allyson & Alex Grey -- "Stardancers"
Amanda Sage --"Orphic Awakening", "Body", "Spirit", "Ana-Suromai", "Regeneration"
Andrea Tseng -- "Traveler"

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Oingo Boingo - Grey Matter
Recorded Live: 4/25/1987 - Ritz - New York, NY
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Grey Matter is 2010 Russian Short Film based on the short story by Stephen King. Directed by Aleksandr Matyuhin. Starring Eugene Zakharov.

Participant II nonprofit amateur contest adaptations of Stephen King

(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound
supported by UVI:

YAMAHA DX7II FD FM Synthesizer with GREY MATTER E! expansion (1987)

E! spec:
Octal Mode (8 different patches can be played in one Performance), voice stacking, random detune, patch mapping, velocity processing, micro-tuning, pattern sequencer, arpeggiator, 4 memory banks and a lot more
more info:

iZombie 2x11 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter" - All-new episodes of iZombie return Tuesday February 2nd on The CW!
Official website:
Official Twitter page:
Official Facebook page:

iZombie 2x11 Promo/Preview "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"
iZombie Season 2 Episode 11 Promo
iZombie 2x11 Promo "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter" (HD)
Amit from New York won the top 16 elimination at the 2013 American Beatbox Championships / Hosted by the WBA.

Video produced by Beatbox Television
Filmed, Produced, Sound Recorded and Edited by Adam A. Corre
Camera 2 / Retsu Motoyoshi

The American Beatbox Championships Produced and Directed by Steven Foxx

Troublemaker, Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida Cover

We are Backtrack, a new a cappella group from New York City, and Troublemaker is our third single! Special thanks to Grey Matter for his beat boxing on this track!

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Backtrack is:

Soprano: Kara Lewis
An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot. TRAILER: OPENING CREDITS (Deleted Scene): ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK by Ron Patane -
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Игра, которая обладает неплохой стилистикой, приятным саундтреком и графикой. Но несмотря на всё это, она не подходит для прохождения совершенно. Ну, просто аркадная игрушка без сюжета. Поиграть рекомендую самостоятельно - попотеете. ;)
"You don't get to toss me aside. I won't let you."

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