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Greg Plitt Best of The Best Workout Video Preview -
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Greg Plitt has appeared on the covers of more than 100 fitness magazines and 25 romance novels in the last four years. He is undisputedly America's No. 1 male fitness model, appearing on the cover of at least one magazine every month for the last four and a half years. Greg won the 2009 Star Physique Award for Best Male Physique on TV. Men's Fitness magazine named Greg one of America's 25 Fittest Americans alongside Lance Armstrong. DNA Magazine calls him one of the 60 Sexie
The foundation to every lift starts with the strength of your forearms in order to hold the weight long enough to exhaust the targeted muscle group. If your grip strength is weak, you are allowing a weak link in your chain of success to exist. Eliminate any grip strength shortcomings with the all new 'Forearm Foundation' workout. This workout is guaranteed to build your grip strength immediately as well as causing you not to be able to sign your name a
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"Everyone goes to the gym and plays it safe, you have to take calculated risks in life if you ever want to get the prize." Greg takes you out of your safe zone and out to the Las Vegas desert as he shoots the workout for the latest issue of Inside Fitness magazine. Go behind the scenes with Greg and get an exclusive look at this plateau busting workout shoot. "There are a lot of skeletons buried in the desert, you can bury your plateaus there too."
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In the latest installment of Greg's Ignition Series Workouts, the Bedroom Workout, Greg shows you how to transform your body in the comfort of your own room. The Bedroom Workout utilizes items you already have in your house to eliminate any expense in gym memberships, gym equipment, travel time...basically, this workout takes the excuses out of life. If you want a better body, this workout awaits you. If you have 20 minutes in your day to work out,

"When the winds of life don't hit your sails, you grab the oars of life and you start pushing." Greg shows you how to push yourself as he leads you through Push Performance, his complete chest, shoulder, and tricep burnout workout. This triple super set workout consists of two rounds, a punishing round of mass building exercises to make your muscles grow and a high-rep shaper round that will make your muscles burn and bring out the definition. Make
Crazy Greg Plitt Abdominal Power Workout from MFT28

8 exercises
3 sets per exercise
30-second rest between exercises

Get ready to blow your arms up with Arm Annihilation, Greg's 29th instructional workout video available only in the Members Section. In this 45 minute video, Greg takes you through an explosive arm workout that is specifically designed to build the mass of your biceps, triceps, and forearms. If you are looking to build bigger arms, this workout is EXACTLY what you need in your arsenal. The Members Section contains 101 videos and is updated weekly.
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Train with Greg Plitt for a fitness enthusiast workout. In this segment, Greg covers Abs workouts.<br/><br/>
"There are two types of pain in this world, pain that hurts you and pain that changes you." Greg's "Leg Up" Workout promises to deliver the pain of change as it transforms your lower body. In life, you're either first place or forgotten. Complete the workout outlined in this 55 minute instructional workout video and you're one step closer to being remembered.The Members Section contains 151 videos, including 44 instructional workout videos, and is updated weekly. Only $9.95 a month for full access! Join the army of the newly transformed and successful at only at!

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"The burn is the bridge between having a goal and having an achievement." Prepare to feel the burn as you never have before, as Greg leads you through his Blitzkrieg Back Workout. Gather your will for victory, as you battle your way through seven rounds of exercises that will hit your back from every angle. Win this war in the gym and you'll cross the bridge to achievement and renew your inner strength to fight and win the battles of life.

I highly recommend Mike Geary's best-selling "Truth About Abs".
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"Your greatest hour will come right after your worst hour of despair. That is when you'll find out who you truly are." Will you have the strength of personal pride or will you show the weakness of ego? Greg's Pectoral Pride Workout will push you to build that personal pride as you shatter your physical limits. Complete the workout outlined in this 45 minute instructional workout video and discover your true capabilities. The Members Section contains 155 videos, including 45 instructional workout videos, and is updated weekly. Only $9.95 a month for full access! Join the army of the newly transformed and successful at only at!

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Move Your Ass
"Without a plan for your own life, you become part of the plan for someone else's life." Greg takes you into the gym for his punishing Back Belief Workout. This intense workout will build your back, your belief in yourself, and the confidence to create the life you've always wanted. Complete the workout outlined in this 35 minute instructional workout video and shatter your self-doubt. Your future starts today!

The Members Section contains 159 videos, including 46 instructional workout videos.Only $9.95 a month for full access! Join the army of the newly transformed and successful at only at!

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"Winning isn't everything, but training to win is. Having the will to win, that is everything." Train to win with Greg as he leads you through his new Never Looking Back Workout. Make it through the barrage of exercises in this grueling back workout and, not only will you unleash the growth, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you put the work in today, so you don't have to wonder "what if" tomorrow. Greg shows you how to give it your all
What you shoulder in life is what you get back in reward. Champions shoulder more than the bare minimum of their responsibilities. In his Shoulderized Workout, available only in the Members Section, Greg takes you into the gym and teaches you to fall in love with the pain, as it is the glue to any transformation. Get ready to leave the old you behind as Greg leads you through this super-sized shoulder workout.

The Members Section contains 169 videos, including 49 instructional workout videos. Only $9.95 a month for full access!
Join the army of the newly transformed and successful at only at!

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"The more pain you endure today equates to more peace you'll have tomorrow." Prepare your biceps to be tested as they have not been tested before. Greg unleashes his Curl Superiority Workout showing you exercises you've never seen or done before. This five round tri-set workout will attack both heads of the biceps from every angle, guaranteeing to ignite an intense burn that unlocks the growth in your potential. Your reward for making it through th
If you want to build something that stands the test of time, you must ensure the structure is built upon a solid foundation. In the gym, the foundation of our future goals rests on the strength of our core. The core is not about the vanity of a six pack, but the functionality of the entire core belt, the core values that will stand the test of time. Everyone wants a sexy six pack, the thing is, if you focus on building a strong core the right way, you not only get the cut six pack, you get an entire body that is strong and solid to the core. Greg walks you through his process on building your physique from the rock, your core values that will bear the fruits of your labor and always deliver. In the Core Values Workout, an all new 45 minute workout video available only in the Members Section, we sacrifice today as an investment for tomorrow's greatness as the seed of cutness is planted.

The Members Section contains 166 videos, including 48 instructional workout video

Ignite your fitness level with the second of Greg's Ignition Series Workouts, the Chair Workout, a full body circuit workout that you can do anywhere. The Ignition Series Workouts were designed by Greg for any level of experience, but have been tailored towards those at the beginner and intermediate level. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced, young, old, male, female, or a trainer looking for a great workout for novice clients, these wor
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"Strength is not found in the victory, it's found in the hardships and what you overcome to get the victory." Prepare for great hardship, as Greg leads you through Deltoid Dominance, his punishing shoulder workout that will hit your delts from every angle with exercises you have never seen before. This all out assault on your shoulders is guaranteed to unleash the growth while it tests your desire to achieve your true potential. Make it through Del

"Only the weak go after things and attempt things that they already know they can achieve." Prepare to be challenged as you never have before, as Greg unleashes his Bodyweight Beatdown Workout, which can be done anywhere. As you fight your way through this punishing 12-round circuit of bodyweight exercises, it's you versus you as you destroy your weakness and replace it with strength. This workout will test you, it will break you too, but in doing s

"Don't let the pain rob you of your belief of what you can be, because your body hears everything your mind says." Prepare yourself to fight for that belief in what you can be, as Greg leads you through his Chest Crusade Workout. This all-out war will hit your chest from every angle as you fight through eight separate, tri-set battles. Complete Greg's Chest Crusade and you won't just silence the enemy, you'll also silence your self-doubt.

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After five years in development, world-renowned fitness expert Greg Plitt was with FOX Good Day LA for the launch of the Metaball Fitness System, a...
If you do not give 110% in your life, I promise your life will haunt you for the rest of your days. Time is the most valuable asset on Earth, a depreciating asset, don't waste another moment of life where you are not at your fullest potential getting the most out of the time you have in life. Shoulder Supremacy workout is a mass build for your shoulders that is guaranteed to build your shoulders in order to shoulder all that life has to offer. This wor
Greg Plitt- Shoulderized Workout Preview -

"They say everybody lives outside their means. You must live outside your means of current conditioning if you ever want to grow." Get ready to challenge your body and your mind, as Greg unleashes his Wavelength Cardio Workout. This high intensity muscle building cardio workout, will build the endurance of your muscles without robbing you of the muscle tissue you are trying to build. Greg leads you through a 15 round cardio circuit, that will push you
New Arm workout unlike any other on a 2-2-1 split facet that will destroy any plateau you are facing in your arm routine. Call this workout ‘Arma-Get-Some’ as it is an Armageddon destruction of our internal belief that we can only go so far in life, we destroy that mentality where limitations exist and give birth to the unknown belief that is within us all pushing us to be more. They say it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world, well, it’s always 6am somewhere too where someone is getting ahead of the c