Great Gray Owl: Great Gray Owl - The Phantom of the North, Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) Perching on a Tree Stump in Fairbanks Alaska, Great Gray Owl in

Great Gray Owl

See why the Great Gray Owl (aka Great Grey Owl or Strix nebulosa) is also known as the "Phantom of the North." This is the largest owl in the world and is a difficult bird to find based on its home in the far north and excellent camouflage.

We found these two in a forest up in North Eastern Canada and got a couple flying shots in super slow motion. When we saw the first Great Grey Owl come out of the woods to hunt, it was an amazing sight. These birds have wings up to six feet wide!

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This owl allowed me to approach within 1 meter. The other birds you hear are alarm calls from robins who dislike owls in their territory. Watch for a couple of dives on the owl by the robins. This owl stayed on this perch for another two hours after I finished photography.

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Here's a short video of the Great Gray Owl made in Oregon in June, 2016. There was one adult and three fledglings in the area. This was in the early morning so the birds were wrapping up their day and getting ready to roost. If you are interested in birds consider joining a group such as the Oregon Birding Association
Four days spent with a Great Gray Owl family deep in the bogs of northern Minnesota (Aitkin County). Two owlets in the nest.
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I am in no way associated with the two photographers baiting and harassing the owl. I was filming the Great Gray Owl from the side of the road when one of the photographers from Illinois decided to pull out a mouse, lure the owl in, then snatch the mouse away as the owl landed. The owl was giving great views without baiting and the actions by the photographers were completely unnecessary and unethical.

Addendum: I am in no way associated with the two photographers baiting and harassing the owl, the person you hear talking on the video is the friend of the man seen teasing the bird. You can't see him because I'm using a 400mm lens zoomed in on the man with the mouse.

Two photographers (the one kneeling with the mouse and the other talking in the background) bait a Great Gray Owl to get their "money" shot. The bird was already quite close to the road and would have given great pictures - baiting is
In this video I show footage from two different incidents in which a Great Gray Owl detects an "enemy" one case a Bald Eagle, and in the other a Common Raven. Note how the owl stretches itself vertically to become "skinny," and then backs up to be next to the trunk (presumably to blend in) and then presents its narrowest profile towards the raven or eagle.
Filmed in the Sax-Zim Bog of northern Minnesota. Ironically, the eagle incident was filmed on March 3, 2011, exactly one year before the raven foota
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Бородатая неясыть кормит птенца - The great gray owl chick feed
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