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Gravity Kills

Akira AMV made by Otaku Vengeance (Eric)
Gravity Kills - Guilty - Seven OST
Artist: Gravity Kills
Song: Falling
Album: Perversion
Year: 1998


Taking what you want, stealing what you need
Looking all around or finding in between
The less that I can see the more that you control
I want to feel the warmth but all I feel is cold
My eyes aren't letting me see, I want them to
You know you are making me bleed, I want you to
Why won't you listen to me, I want you to
Look what it's doing to me - I know that
I push you and you fall
I'm shaking and I want it

Диппер борется за справедливость.. Это мое первое видео. Тапки и критику принимаю :3
Unreleased demo track for "Personal Jesus" from Superstarved

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However, this song was recorded and done in 1999 and was released in 2002 as a single.
01. Falling 0:00
02. If 4:03
03. Crashing 8:08
04. Drown 11:46
05. Alive 15:28
06. Wanted 19:22
07. Always 23:26
08. One 28:09
09. Disintegrate 31:58
10. Belief (To Rust) 36:37

11. Poetry and Power 40:56
12. Falling (Instrumental) 44:13

(C) 1998 TVT Records

"Goodbye [Demo Version]" from Gravity Kill's album "Guilty [Single]".

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(C) 1996 TVT Records.

Unreleased demo track from Superstarved

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Or download a HQ version of this song here:

by Человек Человекович

This video is property of I edited this version with a massive dubstep song...enjoy ;)
Song: Skrillex-In For The Kill
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A video for Gravity Kills song "IF" I do not own the right to this song or the Video clips or the pictures used in this video. Made With Permission From Jeff Scheels
"Guilty [Juno Reactor Mix]" from Gravity Kill's album "Guilty [Single]".

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(C) 1996 TVT Records.

music video made for ICOM 213 at Ball State University

Музыкальное видео
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Live performance of "Enough" at Killoween 2006 at Pop's in East St. Louis.

JS "Jon" Clayden, frontman of electronic-metal band, Pitchshifter, talks about the touring with industrial rock band, Gravity Kills, and being pull over by the cops.

Footage taken from the official Pitchshifter DVD, [P.S.I. Entology].
This is a fan remake of an old video of mine. It was made by:

Anime: Akira

Band: Gravity Kills
"Personal Jesus" from Gravity Kill's Album "Superstarved".

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Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there
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Gravity Kills -VideoJoiner 1996-2003 . .
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Музыка - Skrillex – I want to kill everybody
Видео - взято из Gravity Falls
Official music video for Gravity Kills's "Love, Sex and Money" off their third studio album 'Superstarved'.

©2002 Sanctuary Records.
"Guilty" (1996) music video from their self-titled album Gravity Kills<br/><br/>
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"I´m fuckin tired, say goodbye!"
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Quicksilver, Riding Giants, Scratching The Surface, Gravity Kills Live
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Gravity Kills - Enough