Grand Theft Auto IV - R2-D2 (MOD) HD: Grand Theft Auto IV R2 D2 MOD) HD

Grand Theft Auto IV - R2-D2 (MOD) HD

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the mod can be downloaded here

well here it is the mod video i've been promising for the past 3 weeks thankyou to my friend

for making this for me after i asked this is probably the most advanced mod he has ever done

also thankyou to

for his endless supply of help this mod wouldn't have been like this without his help he helped in both handling liveries and much more

also thankyou to my friend for the star wars ships

and thankyou to monster875 for helping on getting everything to work properly

also thankyou to my friend for all the help he has given me including making the thumbnail for me

this mod has been worked on since i think middle of april alot of time has been spent on it but i think it was wourth it :)

hope you all enjo