Golden Mean: Fibonacci & Golden Mean [Part 1/6], Golden Arm Trio - It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), Allegro: The Golden Mean (USSR,

Golden Mean

Graham Reynolds - Piano, Utah Hamrick - Upright Bass, Jeremy Bruch - Drums, Elliott Levin- sax
Jeff Von Stenz- trumpet

Artist: Аллегро (Allegro)
Album: Золотая середина (The Golden Mean)
Year: 1985
Genre: Jazz-Fusion, Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Funk
Country: USSR
Label: Мелодия (Melodiya) С60-21795-005

Николай Левиновский (Nikolai Levinovsky) - keyboards
Виктор Двоскин (Victor Dvoskin) - double bass
Юрий Генбачев (Yuri Genbachev) - percussion
Алексей Гагарин (Alexei Gagarin) - percussion
Алексей Курочкин (Alexei Kurochkin) - synthesizer
Александр Закарян (Alexander Zakaryan) - tenor sax
A really good insight into the Golden Mean, Fibonacci Series etc.

(This video was available on Google Videos... but the thumbnail was too terrible to use it... so I've copied it here... asking forgiveness rather than permission etc - but to all concerned, you've done a first-class job. If you want me to link back to you and give you proper attribution etc, let me know what I need to do)
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Плейлист "Золотая Середина" на ютубе:

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Please watch the whole video. Miracle of Kabbah. As you will see revealed in Al Quran. One of the most stunning i ve seen.
Part 1: A discourse on various aspects of the Sacred Geometry Archetype known as The Golden Mean by Charles Gilchrist.

For those of you interested in my Mandalas and/or possibly purchasing one or more of my signed archival Fine Art Prints, here is the link to my website galleries page:
Анонс к уроку Golden mean
Captions: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish (Mexico), Hungarian, Italian

The sādhus, they’re interested in the eternal world, the permanent world. This advaya-jnan, this one thing to be known, can be understood in terms of three aspects: Brahmā, Paramātmā
and Bhagavān. Brahmin, impersonal conceptions, appear superficially to be able to contain everything. Paramātmā, at the other extreme, smaller than the smallest. If these are the extremes of the Infinite, what will be the central
Excerpt from the THE GOLDEN MEAN (LIVE) by Compagnie Marie Chouinard, a world premiere at DanceHouse in association with the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

March 12 13, 2010
Vancouver Playhouse

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Fibonacci and the Golden Mean
First and foremost
Learn yourself
Before getting any world view

PLEASE Also WatcH the 2 other Golden Mean Videos on My Channel

A demo of my Golden Mean Calipers - measuring the ratio used by Leonardo DaVinci, ancient Greek architecture, nature - flowers, seashells, spiral galaxies etc.
Wayne Shorter 4tet - Adventures aboard the Golden Mean
Wayne Shorter 4tet:
Wayne Shorter - soprano sax
Danilo Perez - piano
John Patitucci - bass
Brian Blade - drums
Jazz à Vienne 2010
Visit for more free art lessons. Learn how to create great compositions in your artwork by using the Golden Mean and the Rule of Thirds

A video of acoustic fundamentals and their Golden Mean or PHI multiples sounding together thereby producing Cymatic images in a small disc of water.

Narration discusses the healing potentials, the basic science of vibrational healing, fourth-phase water, torsion field dynamics, and the revolutinoary technology of Sonatherapy.

The music, video, narration, and all parts herein are totally original creations of Gary Robert Buchanan and are Copyright (C) 2013 by Cosolargy International, a 501(c)3 non-prof
"For Allah will surely accomplish His purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion." Sura The Divorce, 3

"Beдь Aллax coвepшaeт Cвoe дeлo; ycтaнoвил Aллax для кaждoй вeщи мepy." Cура PAЗBOД, 3.

"Allah hər şey üçün bir ölçü təyin etmişdir." ət-Talaq surəsi, 3.
Peter van Hoesen playing Revelation Of Noise-The Golden Mean (Original Mix) [AFFIN] @ Boiler Room Berlin LIVE show

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Tons of awesome episodes on the way in the coming weeks.. sorry this one was less exciting. Being sick sucks :(
Средневековая музыка (флейта) – (песенка из мадридского парка)

The film that was used: Fractals.Similarities. Patterns. Design.the.Hidden.Dimension.XviD.mp4

The Golden Mean
Творческий вечер Андрея Куницына Dr.I-bol
Презентация проекта The Golden Mean
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Видео: Александр Соболев


The Golden Mean
the Golden Mean - Бам-Ба-Ба-Бум (reggaejam)
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Golden Mean
00:00 12 колен Израиля
04:20 Comin' From The People
08:04 Музыка Регги

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the Golden Mean - Радуга Завета (reggaejam)
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the Golden Mean - Гора Сион (reggaejam)
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Игорь Занкин и Алексей Парусов попробовали в деле новинку от Golden Mean. А каким был результат смотрите в этом видео.
Приятного просмотра!
the Golden Mean - Музыка Регги
live @ Happy Bob
the Golden Mean - Деньги (reggaejam)
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the Golden Mean
2017-01-20 Husky bar, SPb, ru

the Golden Mean
The Golden Mean (Dr.I-Bolit PROJECT)
2016-10-14 Capella, SPb, ru
the Golden Mean
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The Golden Mean - Святая Любовь
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the Golden Mean

DR.I-BOLIT ( a.k.a. DR.I-B...
the Golden Mean
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видео: Александр Соболев

the Golden Mean

Хорошее - плохое, доброе - злое, светлое - тёмное...
Нам всегда проще найти антонимы, нежели середину.
Середина, центр - это не нейтральная сторона, а скорее понимающая две противоположности...именно так я понимаю смысл фразы "Золотая середина"
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The Golden Mean is part of a series of swimmers and bathers Feuerman began working on in the late seventies. The bronze sculpture, which towers 16 feet high and weights nearly two tons, depicts a male diver in an arm stand position balancing solely on his hands. With the aid of a team of engineers, Feuerman's massive sculpture defies the laws of physics and is in perfect balance by a mere six inches of wrist. Through both the process and finished sculpture, The Golden Mean exemplifies the strength and resil
the Golden Mean - Антарктида
2017-01-20 Husky bar, SPb, ru

the Golden Mean

DR.I-BOLIT ( a.k.a. DR.I-BOL )
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VideoMath Festival at the International Congress of Mathematicians.
Berlin - Germany - 1998

the Golden Mean - Антарктида
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