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Gogo's 20

5ти минутный мультик, познакомит малыша с основными фразами английского языка. Веселый дракончик понравится всем!

Группа Детского центра в Ярославле «Лалеока» http://vk.com/laleokayar
Обучающий мультик. английский язык.
6 VCD disc set includes "Gogo's Adventure with English" is teaching English to young disc through the adventures of little more magic dragon named Gogo friends uncle.
With the animations and colorful sound of children, GOGO gives you a lot of new small but simple, easy to remember, create, grabbing for young kids away from the appeal of this game to other adventures. This is a pretty good program for kids from 3-9 years old, children will surely love right from the first movie

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