Global Fire Observations: NASA | Ten Years of Global Fire Observations

Global Fire Observations

This visualization leads viewers on a narrated global tour of fire detections beginning in July 2002 and ending July 2011. The visualization also includes vegetation and snow cover data to show how fires respond to seasonal changes. The tour begins in Australia in 2002 by showing a network of massive grassland fires spreading across interior Australia as well as the greener Eucalyptus forests in the northern and eastern part of the continent. The tour then shifts to Asia where large numbers of agricultural fires are visible first in China in June 2004, then across a huge swath of Europe and western Russia in August, and then across India and Southeast Asia through the early part of 2005. It moves next to Africa, the continent that has more abundant burning than any other. MODIS observations have shown that some 70 percent of the world's fires occur in Africa alone. In what's a fairly average burning season, the visualization shows a huge outbreak of savanna fires during the dry season in Central Afric
Видеоролик, созданный НАСА на основе данных о десятках миллионов пожаров, которые произошли на Земле с 2002-го года. Информация о пожарах собиралась с помощью установленных на спутниках НАСА Terra и Aqua спектрорадиометров, измеряющих электромагнитное излучение