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Girls - Vomit

Видеоклип группы Girls на композицию "Vomit"
Girls perform songs from their album Father, Son, Holy Ghost in an abandoned Brooklyn church in this very special session.

Girls perform songs from their album Father, Son, Holy Ghost in an abandoned Brooklyn church in this very special session.

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Girls perform songs from their album "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" in an abandoned Brooklyn church in this very special session.

Director: RJ Bentler
Editor: Winston Case
Sound Engineer Mix: Shane Stoneback
Producer: Eavvon O'Neil
Camera: RJ Bentler, Winston Case, Mike Graber, John Strong, Mark Zemel, Tessa Greenberg, Dan Haney, Jessica Higgs Will Colby
Executive Producer: RJ Bentler
Special Thanks: Girls, Dean Bein Gabe Spierer

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One of those songs that one guy made forever ago.

Girl vomiting on plane, watch the girl on the left if you want to be grossed out!

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This choir kid spews all over the girl in front of him. And he thought things were bad when he was referred to as "Bowl Cut" in the halls...

Girl vomits on rollercoaster
She wasn't feeling too well (thus the airsick bag) so the pilot not wanting to ruin the trip for everyone else decided to go ahead and attempt a 0 G maneuver.

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Drunken girl pukes at bus stop, her friend who was half sober helped her out on to the bus. This drunken girl vomits at the bus stop and she seems not to really mind much about it.
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Amazing! the girl on high heels drove a man to vomit! She was forced to stop straight on the track! That's about good driving skills on Big Garage BMW M3.
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Drunk girls puking
Gotta admire the civic-mindedness of the Japanese! Two Japanese girls are drunk and decide to make themselves puke to feel better. Watch what happens afterwards. Their friend who seems sober buys a bottle of water from the vending machine and cleans up!
Girls - Vomit @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC (9-23-11)
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The demon inside this girl from Botswana claims to be Lucifer, but is no match for the Spirit of God working through Wise Man Harry. Following her deliverance, the girl vomits out the evil substances in her body. With voice over in Russian.