Get this or DIE: Get this(or Die) By Slipknot, Slipknot Get this or Die ORIGINAL VERSION, Slipknot - Get This or Die, Slipknot: Get This Or Die!, Liquid

Get this or DIE

suck these nuts!!!!
this is a b-side i guess from the self-titled album but its on a digipack if u can find it
совершенно сумасшедший лайв.
видно и слышно всё что делаем мы и то, как сходят с ума рэйверы на танцполе.ОТЛИЧНЫЙ ЗВУК прямо со студии!
Everyone wants to be famous, right? One of the highlights of Trinity College's Freshers Week is the annual Phil FW Comedy debate. Irish comedy stars Alan Porter, The Lords of Strut and Bernard Casey fought it out in the celebrity death match of debates! Four professional comedians pitted against four of campus' most hilarious, students in a battle of LOL - see if any fame is better than none at all.

life is shit but isn't fuckin' great
Track 3 from Audiotist's album "Music Obsession". Free download from

Нехуй делать мне.
by Sasha Kholenko
Taken from the forthcoming "Mainiak - Chapter 2" album.