Get Ready For The Battles: Taras Bulba - Get ready for the battle, Holy Blood - Get Ready For Battle (from.Glory to the Heroes), Get Ready for the Battles

Get Ready For The Battles
Тарас Бульба - фильм 62 года.
Я не знаю какую извращенную и расшатанную психику нужно иметь, чтобы снять ТАКОЕ! )))

Какие то монголы в монгольских одеждах и шапках-ушанках пьют из термосов водку и поют "калинка малинка" переделанную под американский мотив...
Glory to the Heroes cd coming soon from Vision of God Records.
Call the babes, pump up the volume and get ready for the next battle. Snoop Dogg welcomes you in his own private fight club all pimped up for intense tag fights.

You love it? Then go and pre-order it to get it at launch together with 4 exclusive characters Michelle, Ancient Ogre, Angel and Kunimitsu.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available On the 14th of September 2012 on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

The classic Tekken Line from Tekken 4 onwards :)
Artist : BioSystem 55
Album : Get Ready For The Next Battle
Song : 01 Get Ready For The Next Battle