George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (Live): George Harrison - "My Sweet Lord" Live | The Concert for Bangladesh 1971, George Harrison - My Sweet Lord [live] (1971)

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (Live)

The Concert for Bangladesh (or Bangla Desh, as the country was originally spelt) was the name for two benefit concerts organised by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, held at 2.30 and 8 pm on Sunday, 1 August 1971, playing to a total of 40,000 people at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The shows were organised to raise international awareness and fund relief efforts for refugees from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), following the 1970 Bhola cyclone and the civil war-related Bangladesh atrocities. The c
My Sweet Lord live at the Concert For Bangladesh 1971
An enhanced graphics slideshow featuring images of Lord Sri Krishna set to one of George Harrisons most successful and well known tracks played live in concert.
Enhanced graphics by Vishnu108.
The Song lyrics follow.....


My sweet lord
Hm, my lord
Hm, my lord

I really want to see you
Really want to be with you
Really want to see you lord
But it takes so long, my lord

My sweet lord
Hm, my lord
Hm, my lord

I really want to know you
Really want to go with you
Really want to show you lord
aqui george harrison interpretando my sweet lord en el concierto de de sus mas memorables conciertos y uno de los pocos dnd interpreto my sweet lord en 1971..excelente cancion R.I.P George Harrison

Artista: George Harrison
Cancion: My sweet lord
Album: All Thing must Pass
Compositor: George Harrison
George Harrison performing My Sweet Lord in Atlanta, November 74, this is the nineteenth concert of the tour, live with Billy Preston on keyboards, enjoy and subscribe!
GEORGE HARRISON , interpretando uno de sus grandes éxitos MY SWEET LORD, en el año 2000.
George Harrison's My Sweet Lord played by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Tom Petty live at Royal Albert Hall, London - 2002
This was the last song of the show, but this won't be the last video. When they're all done I'll probably arrange them so they are in order. Like the other videos, the audio is from Fort Worth Texas and the video is from all over the place. Unlike the others though we have 3 special guests. Krishna, Buddah and Jesus. If you haven't heard the 1974 version of My Sweet Lord before, there's a section where George starts chanting the names of the Lord, but the way he did it reminded me of of the infamous interne