Genesis Coupe Drift: Genesis Coupe Drift Car Heist Rhys Millen | Рис Миллен: Дрифт как преступление, Genesis Coupe Drift Car Heist from Hyundai Headquarters

Genesis Coupe Drift
Hyundai USA представляет: потомок известной семьи гонщиков, покоритель Пайкс-Пик и просто отвязный парень Рис Миллен в боевике "Угнать Hyundai Genesis". Леденящее кровь противостояние гениального дрифтера и сурового охранника, захватывающие погони на заброшенных складах калифорнийской штаб-квартиры Hyundai – и, заметьте, никаких спецэффектов, все трюки выполняются вживую! Мы номинируем этот фильм на "Оскар".

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140629 PlayGround Track Day D-Spec Drift Day Motion Genesis Coupe 2.0 14G YoungAm Korea International Circuit by Garmin Virb
Drift at 2011 DDGT(Drag Drift GT Challenge) 6Round Test Run in Korea
Валяем на корейской купешке, как умеем, не судите строго.
Запилили видосик в далеком 2014
Rhys Millen talks about the 2012 Formula Drift Race season, his Hyundai Genesis Coupe and the preparations that lead up to the 2012 Formula Drift season.

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We accidentally overfilled our fuel cell causing some fuel to splash out once we ran it and when the car backfired it lit up the rear end. Driver and Car were completely OK. Need a new rear bumper and repaint some things but minimal damage was incurred.
140914 Inje Speedium Short Course Drift Genesis Coupe Garrett GT2871rt
Maybe a bit more than just a wall tap.
Filmed with my gopro on a pole.

Everyone was okay


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hyundai genesis coupe / 25g / IC vmount / kaaz 2way lsd / 420whp drifting at Korea F1 international circuit
This Hyundai Genesis Coupe with a Supercharged LS3 engine swap is all set up for drifting. This video shows the first setup, second, and the curren...
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Team Hyundai showed up to the Streets of Long Beach with the 2013 Genesis Coupe Drift Car and driver Rhys "Mad Skilz" Millen. The all-new 2013 Genesis Coupe Drift Car performed well, putting down some solid runs with 650HP and 650 lb-ft torque.

After placing 2nd in qualifying, Hyundai and Rhys Millen Racing were victorious in the top 32 battle vs. Nice D'Alessio. We would proceed to battle the 2011 D1 Japan Champion Daigo Saito in the top 16. After a solid first run, driver Rhys Millen ended up spinn
580마력 제네시스 쿠페 트윈터보 드리프트

Horse Power: 580
Torque : 76.2

Contact us : Rhys Millen had his RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe completely dialed in at Formula Drift Round 6: After Dark in Las Vegas, NV as he took the win in the very same car that just set an all time record climbing Pikes Peak.

While things started out strong for the #2 qualifier with some smart driving in the round of 32 that included the Genesis Coupe drifting past fellow drifter Alex Lee. Things started to get dicey in the great 8 with Japanese native Daigo
Team Hyundai showed up to beautiful Palm Beach with the 2013 Genesis Coupe Drift Car and driver Rhys "Mad Skilz" Millen.

The Genesis Coupe Drift Car preformed great, responding well to the various tweaks and adjustments to cope with changing weather and track conditions.

After placing 6th in qualifying, Hyundai and Rhys Millen Racing were victorious in the top 32 battle vs. Jeremy Lowe. We would proceed to battle the Ryan Tuerck in the top 16. After 2 solid runs and the fastest entry speed of the night, Ryan Tuerck advanced. In the overall standings we are now 4th place points, looking forward to our next race in New Jersey.

This year we're in the hunt for the championship, and will continue our quest for a podium finish. Stay tuned for more action and race recaps as we document the season and share with the fans.

Formula DRIFT Round 3: Palm Beach
Location: Palm Beach, FL
Date: June 2nd, 2012

Vehicle Specs Information:
Make: Hyundai
Model: 2013 G

Rhys Millen gives a play-by-play of the 7th and final round of the Formula DRIFT Championship, where he and his souped-up Genesis Coupe try to outrace some of the most intense competition the event has ever seen.

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If you ever wanted to learn the keys to executing a perfect drift, this video is for you. Odi Bakchis is one of the top pro drivers and he gives us some great tips in the Ark Performance Hyundai Genesis Coupe that was built for the 2015 SEMA show.
HYUNDAI Genesis Coupe Drift Stan Chang TW black 劳恩斯酷派 漂移 甩尾 台灣車手 張柏青
Evil Empire

Научиться дрифту можно в Санкт Петербурге на площадке "Гоночный рай"
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В видео есть дефекты и некоторые слова пропали из-за ошибок программы Bandicam.
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Killing it in the LS2 swapped Genesis at Willow Springs Raceway!

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visit Genesis coupe vs Silvia V8 Drifting at Formula D


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"LOS 2012.2 Drift Team Intro Ver2"
This is an intro video of LOS Dream Drift Team(DDT) in Seoul, South Korea

This is just an Intro video of 6 members on the LOS Drift Team.
Genesis Coupe Supercharger

We will be updating our videos 1~2 times a month and especially Drifting videos soon when the drift tracks we be reopened in the spring 2012.4

The specs of on the Gen coupes are:
5 Gen Coupes with LOS BK38 Superchargers stages 1,1,2,3,3 all S-Version ~ 412HP ~ 485HP with 51~58kg.m torque.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT Desert Drifting Commercial - 2 Minute Promo Spot
35mm Panavision - Static/Safari Arm/Ultimate Arm/Aerial Shots
Locations: El Mirage Dy Lake Bed, CA, Mohave Desert/Downtown, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Director: Cha Eun Taek

MaxPower Gymkhana Drift race . HYUNDAI Genesis coupe
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