Geisha Halloween Tutorial: Geisha Halloween Tutorial с использованием кистей Essence of Beauty, Geisha (Maiko) Inspired Makeup Tutorial for Halloween, Mini

Geisha Halloween Tutorial

A Modern avant garde take on traditional geisha makeup. This is perfect for halloween.

Essence of Beauty Duo Foundation Brush
Look inspired by the traditional Maiko make up, using drugstore and other accessible products.

Every girl, once in lifetime at least, wants to dress up like a Geisha, and Halloween is one of the few opportunities for us to get closer to this beauty dream.

The hair (or wig) and fake costume are relatively easy to be found in costume/party stores, and you can also get similar/ in the theme clothes at department stores for the last minute and recyclable people.

This is the video I got inspired from: htt
Halloween is coming! So i decided to make a hair tutorial on Geisha's hair!! Thanks to my friend Jean, as she volunteer to be the model, we've created this hair tutorial which i hope would be helpful for you! If at any point you don't understand, please feel free to ask me by commenting below :)

It's not a exact look of a geisha but It's a fun and simple hairdo that can be easily achieved at home :)

this hair is perfect for Halloween or any costume party :)

Material that you will need f
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