GOLDEN AGE - SOMEWHERE: The Golden Age: Somewhere by Paul Nicholls, GOLDEN AGE SOMEWHERE


Directed By: Paul Nicholls
3D, 2D, Tracking, Post Production, Compositing, Camera Work: Paul Nicholls
Cast: Indre Balestuta, Iffy
Sound Design: Jesse Rope
Music By: Kourosh Dini, Twighlight Archive, Pete Berwick
Somewhere is the follow-up to award-winning movie The Simulation by Paul Nicholls of architectural animation studio Factory Fifteen. In this sequel the world is conceptualised as a series of virtual interfaces, where people visit places or connect to one another without living their homes. See all our movies at
Виртуальный мир будущего.
Короткометражное кино и анимация для группы Cercle du Cinema