GLEN HUGHES: Igor Mikhel ,Glen Hughes, Turner , Green Town ,"Maybe Next Time" solo by R.Blackmore, "Smoke on the water" , Niacin (feat. Glen Hughes & Steve


Полная версия события которое имело место быть в Москве 26 сентября 2004г.в клубе Ильинка. Легенды рок музыки Glen Hughes, Joe lynn Turner вышли на сцену Московского клуба. Было исполнено нестареющее произведение "Smoke on the water"
Really impressive blues ballad, performed by Niacin (Billy Sheehan - bass guitar, John Novello - hammond B3 and Dennis Chambers - drums), featuring Glenn Hughes as vocalist and Steve Lukather as lead guitarist. Powerful and intense.
An ultra rare and great full show from Black Sabbath feat. Tony Iommi period - enjoy!
Glenn Hughes -- Vocals
Tony Iommi -- Guitar
Dave Spitz -- Bass
Eric Singer -- Drums
Geoff Nicholls -- Keyboards

Track Listening:
00:00 Supertzar (Sabotage 1976)
02:50 The Mob Rules (Mob Rules 1981)
06:06 Children Of The Sea (Heaven & Hell 1980)
12:15 Danger Zone (Seventh Star 1986)
17:20 War Pigs (Paranoid 1970)
25:50 Heart Like A Wheel (Seventh Star 1986)
31:23 Symtom of the Univ
Pacific Road Birkenhead 17/5/11
Classic GH track
Seventh star es el decimotercer álbum de la banda británica Black Sabbath, contando este álbum sólo con Tony Iommi de la formación original; fue editado en febrero de 1986 y lanzado ese mismo año.

Tony Iommi - Guitarra
Glenn Hughes - Voz
Dave "the beast" Spitz - Bajo
Eric Singer - Bateria
Geoff Nichols - Teclado

Glen Hughes- Live in Australia

Glen appearing at Band on the Wall in Manchester November 2011, played, chatted and read passages from his new Biography to an enthusiastic audience who were largly respectful and very appreciative of the work and life of this great rock legend!
The amazing voice of Glen Hughes in bulgarian live tv show.
Saturday March 10,2012.Glen Matlock and Hugh Cornwell at El Corazon,Seattle WA.

Artist: Glen Hughes (Deep Purple)
Title: O Holy Night
Album: An All-Star Salute To Christmas

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