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by Михаил Сычёв
by Nikita Chelishchev

by Алексей Ворожцов

Nikita Chelishchev

Грумпи Хуюмпи

by Dmitry Kalinin

by Алексей Ворожцов
by Evgeny Medvedev

Алексей Ворожцов
Anton Kovalev
Гимнастика по качанию головой от Гендальфа
Гендальф зажигает)))
by Алексей Степанов

Alexey Shirshov

by Ashley Riot
Nikita Konoplyov
by Alexey Shirshov

Gandalf enjoying and dancing to Epic Sax Guy. XD

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Originally the Gandalf Techno Nod, but by popular demand, it has been updated to a Europop Nod.

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by okolotube

Кто посмотрит все 10 часов почувствует прибавку сил и энергии!!

by Геннадий Курбесов
by Роман Соколинский
SunStroke Project & Olia Tira – Run away
Epic Sax Guy Gandalf, official video HD
the epic sax guy
Vlad Zavarihin

What Happens When The Office Is Empty Gandalf Europop Nod

This is another upload that isn't mine, but that I can't find on Youtube. I have absolutely no idea where this is from. Please let me know if this is already on Youtube.

На кануне важного мероприятия начальник попросил проверить видео и аудио систему... Что ж я выполнил задачу! #gendalfsax
Unexpected party on Thursday night at Euskal Encounter 23 .
Fiesta inesperada del jueves noche en la Euskal Encounter 23.
by Sonosmedia

Gandalf seems to enjoy this...

Compilation of others epic sax efforts!

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It's the battle of the stupidest trolling vids in a mashup! We take Epic Gandalf Sax Guy and the lyric filled Nom Nom Nom, and this is it's baby! I've added the MLG glasses also for no reason what so ever! Enjoy what is possibly the weirdest and most pointless vid I've ever made! XD
10 minutes loop Jubel (Kiligande)
New Gandalf Sax 10 min [Kiligande - Jubel] 2014
The unofficial funny sequel of the Office of Sax Gandalf that takes place now in Russian apartments:)
Неофициальное продолжение к the Office of Sax Gandalf, происходящее в России:)
PPAP ft Teh Lurd Of Teh Reings REMIX:
teh lurd of teh reings best of Gandalf Sax. this is part 2 of my
favorite parody clips of the lord of the rings and the battle of the five armies funny moments
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Gandalf Europop Nod 15 minutes version
Gandalf nods 124,200 times in this video...Because... why not.
Enjoy the hour long of high definition Gandalf.

SunStroke Project Olia Tira - Run Away (Moldova)
Gandalf the grey grooving to the beat of epic sax guy. Enjoy!
10 hours of Epic sax Gandalf -

10 minutes of epic sax Gandalf.
Original video: