Furcoat - by Tes Dekker: Furcoat by Tes Dekker, Furcoat - by Tes Dekker - ДОБРАЯ ВОЛЯ, [Furcoat - by Tes Dekker], Furcoat. by Tes Dekker

Furcoat - by Tes Dekker

ДОБРАЯ ВОЛЯ - здоровый образ жизни!
"Furcoat" is an animationfilm-project set up by young artist, Tes Dekker from Segolia Films. It was realised with a team of 11 hard working people in Budapest (Hungary).
The film is there to involve people in the everyday harsh reality for the animals in furfarms.

Dekker: "Fur and cruelty are inseperably connected, and I want to encourage people to realize the impact it has on so many lives of sentient beings. Not only the animals actually dying for it as well as compassionate people watching."
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl0oVVxDhA4Как говорят дисциплинированные японцы, «торчащие гвозди забивают ударами молотка». В квадратно-гнездовом Советском Союзе это правило соблюдалось неукоснительно. Удары молотком по голове регулярно по