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Fruits Of Her Labour [StormWolf + WoodenToaster]

"This was supposed to have been done Days ago."
As part of the attempt to not let the channel stopped while I work on larger animations, chose some that I could do in a short time, and not have a "low quality"

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Translated by AeridicCore -
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Original Song:
Visuals created by Sayonara
Created using: Adobe After Effect CC

Original track:

Had quite a lot of fun making this. So many Babs Seed remixes popped up in so little time, I even made one myself, but it sucked especially compared to all the others, so I'll leave that forever unreleased and made this instead. I like making bleeps.

Cherry Jubilee vector:
By the way, what's with the lack of Cherry Jubilee vectors? Wildfire has a s
Quickest remix I've ever done. Please don't eat me for the Chineighse in this song.

The awesome and original tune by StormWolf/WoodenToaster:

Inspiration strikes stupidly and without much warning.
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