Frank Freaks Out..: Torstein Horgmo 2012 Frank Freaks Out, 3.) George Duke "Freak Out" Keyboard Solo- Frank Zappa and The Mothers- A Token Of His Extreme,

Frank Freaks Out..

This is not my video! Just for entertainment purposes only! All credit goes to Torstein and his crew. My favorite rider of all time!

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Frank Zappa the Mothers
A Token of his Extreme
KCET TV, Los Angeles
August 27, 1974

FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, George Duke, Tom Fowler, Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood

1. Dog Meat 4:01
2. Montana 6:04
3. George Freak Out 5:43
4. Florentine Pogen 10:01
5. Stinkfoot 4:16
6. Pygmy Twylyte 8:38
7. Room Service 8:40
8. Inca Roads 9:51
9. Oh No 1:39
10. Son of Orange County 5:29
11. Trouble Every Day 7:16
12. A Token of my Extreme 1:22
Well I'm about to get up sick
From watchin my t.v.
Been checkin' out the news
Until my eyeballs fail to see
I mean to say that every day
Is just another rotten mess
And when it's gonna change, my friend
Is anybody's guess
So I'm watching and I'm waiting
Hopin' for the best
Even think I go to praying
Every time I hear them sayin'
That there's no way to delay
That trouble comin' everyday
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day

Wednesday I watched the riot
I've seen the cops out on the street
Watch them
Frank Ocean new album Boys Don't Cry - Mysterious Livestream and the Internet Collectively Freaks Out

Just after the clock struck midnight on August 1 and fans of Frank Ocean had officially given up hope that his new album Boys Don't Cry would finally surface, something exciting seemed to happen. In the early hours of Monday morning, Frank added an Apple Music video livestream to his website, getting a ton of people excited that, after all this, the album was finally happening. They waited, and waited, and
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Frank Zappa The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! [1966]
Track Listing
1 "Hungry Freaks, Daddy" --
2 "I Ain't Got No Heart" --
3 "Who Are the Brain Police?" --
4 "Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder" --
5 "Motherly Love" --
6 "How Could I Be Such a Fool?" --
7 "Wowie Zowie" --
8 "You Didn't Try to Call Me" --

"taken from two original mastertape stereo mixdowns which were intended for use in the first edition of Freak Out on the 10th of april in 1966"
Soundcheck for German TV show Beat Club 1968.Complete with idiot dancers.