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Françoise Nielly

LA ROSA DE LOS VIENTOS. Con arte de Lola Derek Françoise Nielly (dedicado a Ismael M. amigo del canal del YouTube en agradecimiento por su tiempo y bellos comentaríos sobre mis creaciones de vídeos....) La pintura de Lola Françoise Nielly es expresivo, exhibiendo una fuerza bruta,. Una energía vital fascinante petróleo y el cuchillo se combinan para esculpir sus imágenes a partir de un material que es, al mismo tiempo, mordaz e incisiva; osario y sensual."Ya sea que pinta el cuerpo o retratos humana, el ar
Francoise Nielly born in Marseille, studies fine arts and art deco prepa. Photographer, illustrator in advertising for 15 years. Her painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force, a fascinating vital energy.
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During my last spotting I've seen this awesome Survolt!
The colors of this 100% electric sports car are designed by the painter Françoise Nielly!
What do you think about this car and her colors?
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Parisian-based artist Françoise Nielly demands attention - and that's just her work. Nielly left the competitive world of advertising to go into art and now her huge, colourful portraits, including one of President Barack Obama, have been championed worldwide. Here, visits her studio in Paris to watch Nielly lose herself in her work and find out where she gets her inspiration from.