For The New Lunar Republic (Fan Music): For The New Lunar Republic (Fan Music)_13.09.2011, For the New Lunar Republic (Fan Music and Lullaby's End Combine)

For The New Lunar Republic (Fan Music)


We Shall Overcome Celestian Tyranny!
March with me, Luna Loyalists! Trollestia is no match against our fury!

I made this song from the same instruments of my recent WWU remix. Got the name from a comment in "Luna's Lullaby". Please don't ask me to extend this song - I've really stretched it as much as I could and I feel kind of embarrassed its so repetitive.

All credits go to iamnotacleverpony and Jeffthestrider who made the original and the remix. All I did was to combine them because I thought they were just fantastic when played together.

We shall overcome the Sun Empire Tyranny !

Mp3 :

Original music :

Remix :