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Folded Star

песня про маму саймона, вот тут почитайте
Behind the scenes with Biffy Clyro making the video for Folding Stars in south London. Check more behind the scenes and live music of other bands at
How to fold a 5-pointed money origami star out of 5 x $1 bills. Step by step photos at:

Check out all our other money origami instructions at

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Origami Tutorial- How to fold an Easy Origami Modular Complex Star

Paper Size: 9 x 9 cm

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In deze video laat ik je zien hoe ik een Triangle Star kaart maak.

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Learn step-by-step on how to fold a Tie Fighter from Star Wars!. Don't forget to subscribe to receive weekly updates on my new tutorials that I pos...
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Low Intermediate)

This video demonstrates how to fold an Origami Multipoints Star. This is a great modular model, and the units are very easy to fold! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Ilan Garibi for giving me permission to create this video!

This video teaches you how to make a star out of straws! ENJOY! (:

This is Maria from Pink Pony and here I'll show you how to fold your Fancy Folded Star.
The full pattern is available here: http://www.... Formosa Star Folding Bike trouble shooting
How to make a DIY teabag folded star ornament for your Christmas Tree!

Day 2: Daily December

Paper Crane Tutorial:

In this video I show two models with different curve:
1) Paper Fold with Reduced Curved
2) Paper Fold with Extended curved

Virtual 3D Model

Curved Structural Folding. Combined the straight and curved folds. Ball Cylinder Star

Note: I found it difficult to design and fold these models. Excuse the wrinkles in the models. Working with a larger scale are obtained fewer wrinkles. But this scale is the
Origami Tutorial - How to fold an Easy Origami Christmas Star

Paper Zise: 15 x 20 cm

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Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Low Intermediate)

In this video I demonstrate how to fold an Origami Noria Star designed by Aldo Marcell. This is a great, simple, yet effective modular model, and the units are very easy to fold! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Aldo Marcell for giving me permission to create this video!
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (Low Intermediate)

In this video I demonstrate how to fold an Origami Star Dodecahedron designed by Francesco Mancini. This is one of my favorite modular models, and it's not very difficult to fold! I am really glad to be able to have the opportunity to share this fantastic model with you-- so I hope you enjoy the video!

Special thanks to Francesco Mancini for giving me permission to create this video!

Please be sure to check out more of Francesco Mancini's fantast
Merry Christmas From Kevinsorigami!!!
This model makes a great Christmas Star though it looks like a sea urchin... (LOL)
Simple how-to for making German Folded Paper Stars also called Moravian or Frobel Stars.

Blog post:

It's always fun to fold from something other than a square. I guess that's one of the reasons why I'm in love with this one. Hang it from a string for a lovely home decor!

Unit designed by Carmen Sprung. I put it together as a kusudama using glue.

Check out my other FREE tutorials here:

Stampin Up Card Ideas, tutorials, and Videos from Canadian Stampin Up Demonstrator Sandi MacIver. Welcome to Stampin with Sandi Videos, where I share my love of stamping. This week's video is the Star of Light and the Double Z Fold Card. I hope you will enjoy it and for all the measurements for the card, please visit my blog, here:
Anaother tutorial while waiting for the dwarf video ;)
Paper: 4x72cm elephant hide

Make a star for the top of your tree or fold a bunch of these easy to make stars to cover your tree or use as party decorations!
This video shows you how to make a beautiful star decoration. Hang them from the ceiling or put atop your Christmas tree. Get creative with the paper you use. For a poinsettia flower go to:

This potholder is a great project for beginners. It's one of the first things I learned how to make when I started sewing. You can choose which sha...

Thank you for watching my ribbon sculpture tutorial. I'm excited to share how to make these cute hair clips. More to come, so please subscribe!
How to make a christmas star - guide and tutorial.

This star is also called Froebel or moravian star. We have always just called them Christmas stars here in Denmark, and I have been making them since I was a little girl. They are really cute, and perfect and an DIY ornament for the tree, or as decor for your Christmas presents.

Come see my blog:

This is not the bascetta star, I can't remember the name but its not it. Any type of paper is fine, sticky note reminder fold the sticky inside(might be difficult). Good Luck Thanks for watching!

Tutorial for "Sakura Star" by Ali Bahmani:
Tutorial for "Triphilia" tessellation by Robin Scholz (Deadline: December 12th 2015):

Here are the pictures you sent me showing your folds of the "Sakura Star" designed by Ali Bahmani or one of its variations. Thanks for all your submissions!

Your websites:

About the paper:
19 squares(I used 9x9cm)

I will show you how to interlock 2 modues and how to add the last one.
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Learn how to make an Amish style folded star quilted hotpad! Or potholder if you prefer. ;-) This is a great little project to use up bits and pieces in your stash!

What you'll need:
4 fabrics, 1/8th yard each
fat quarter for backing and bias binding
8" x 8" scrap fabric
8" x 8" Insul Bright heat resistant batting
sewing machine, needles, thread, scissors, ruler, etc.

Cutting list:

How to make a Origami transforming ninja star. This is a Step by Step tutorial which will show you how to make a 8-point transforming ninja star.

Folding a basic flagstone tessellation. Go to my website,, for more of my origami.
Each year Clara seems to struggle with how to fold paper stars. In this video you can learn exactly how to fold the tricky stars from paper strips....
Like Star Wars Episode 7? Learn how to make the Republic X-wing Starfighter from one square sheet of paper! This model is lots of fun to make, easy to fold, and looks way cooler than most other Origami X-wings out there. Learn it and teach it to your friends! (Difficulty level 50%).
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Клёвый видеоклип!

Biffy Clyro perform "Folding Stars" at Wembley arena
Origami tutorial : pentagram star

Origami is the art of the paper fold. Provide with these films unusual paper masterpieces. Whether as a decoration on presents or as a safekeeping boxing as well as practical everyday objects. Their personal mark by origami.
This video is instructions.
Visit my blog: ~ If you loved the Old Valentine poet John Keats gave to Fanny Brawne in the movie Bright Star, here is how they are actually folded. Origami like these Valentines, called puzzle purses during the envelope-less Regency period, were popular with the Jane Austen set and later the Victorians. Tricky to fold thanks to reverse folds, using thin paper that is bi-color helps a great deal (my origami paper used in the demo was a little too thick and made it hard to form a prec
How to fold a 5 pointed origami star starting from a pentagonal sheet of paper. Pentagon template available at:
Simple how-to for making German Folded Paper Stars also called Moravian or Frobel Stars
blog post:

I really like those fancy rooms. You know, the ones we see on magazines or on blogs and on YouTube.. those carefully put together, well-thought of theme-inspired bedrooms. I'd love to go home everyday to that kind of bedroom! But who says we have to spend so much decorating our rooms and homes? Here are some DIY ideas that you'll surely love and have fun making! :)

I really had fun making this tutorial! I hope you had fun watching it, too! :)

My nails in the video :
Deborah Miller's "Folded Star Hot Pad" pattern and template set makes it "sew" easy to create a wonderful hot pad in no time at all! Order your pattern here: Order a kit here: or send us an email at
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песня не вся потому, что возле меня рухнула в обморок девочка-тинейджер и мы ее поднимали и передавали охране через барьер
(зато я оказалась в первом ряду как самая находчивая жопа)

а песню эту, кстати, они почти не играют живьем, тк она о смерти мамы саймона и он не большой фэн ее исполнять по сто раз.
послушайте как зал ревет в унисон, это абсолютный вынос мозга.
Step-by-step Tutorial on how to fold: Origami Star Wars X-Wing. Subscribe to receive weekly new Origami Tutorials!

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