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Homer Flynn is playing Yo Yo
Music video by Johnny Flynn performing Wandering Aengus. (C) 2017 Cold Bread
Flynn Rider and the Stabbington brothers are dealing with Gothel, she wants the crown of Arendelle and as a price they get money, loads of money. When they come to Arendelle they had in mind to just take the crown but they came up with the idea to kidnap one of the princesses in Arendelle to force the lasting princess/queen to compromise so they in the end get more than just the crown but also more money. They are aware of Elsa's powers and realize that it is impossible for them to kidnapp her, so th
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for this mep:

The cute as manip at then end is inspired by animefreaknya's video (WHICH IS SO CUTE AND WELL DONE OHMAGAAD).

my thumbnail! thank you thumbnail gods! thank you!

I was supposed to just do this on the side while I tackle a very important project but I ended up finishing it so here it gooes. I hop

Hello guys! I hope you like it! :p

btw I think I was several days without sending anything ... yeah my life is very, very complicated! I do not have time to edit ... unfortunately ... But for now, I'll be here! For a while...

so .... I want to talk about my computer, it is in serious trouble ... I do not know what happened .. Sometimes it turns, and sometimes it would not turn ... And that I can not guess! When I really need to use t
Video Directed by Mitchell Nguyen Mccormack and Edited by Pedro Correa

Hello guys! :D
Here's a small mep part with these two for you :3

Footage: Frozen & Tangled
Masks: Mine
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Coloring: xXWhisperOfDreamsXx

Backup channel:
Группа вк:
Hours to make. Seconds to comment.
Feedback is appreciated.

MEP part for Disney Heroes Studios:

Full Video:

Did.. did i just make a video suggesting that Flynn and Elsa did the 'do'. o.O

For this mep and because I love this couple so much.

Speaking of meps.... I have a mep ;) that's sitting there ;) in my channel ;) If you're interested ;) in meps ;)

Elsa accidentally freezes someone solid, causing the kingdom to convict her of murder. Flynn says the should run away, and they do. They ... spend the night in a st
➡ Please watch in 720p


Ughhhhh this took two hours to make holy heck. Also soooo sorry! I forgot that I wasn't supposed to use coloring, and then after I remembered this had already rendered and I couldn't open my previous folder with this video that didn't have coloring without having to do most of my work all over again Dx Sorry!

➡ MEP Part For: xMiss Candyx
➡ Download:
➡ Song: Google it.
Fluffy lovers right ahead :D
This is the first time i'm working with this couple, and ohmygosh they are soooo cute!! I also have to mention that i spend like half of the day to make that kiss scene at the end! Phew, it was hard, but somehow it turned out just as i wanted ^-^

Anyway, this is for the dear xDeadlyLovelyx's 4-year celebration MEP! I really hope you like it sweetie :)

Song: All about us
Artist: He is We feat. Adam Young
Programs: Sony Vegas Pro.12, Adobe after Effects CC
Coloring: kindon18
ig: evakvideos
Yes, yes, YEEES! I finally done! I work are few hours but I like that! Sooo creepy and bloody!
for this mep:

The theme of this is to take two characters in the same film that didn't go canon, and make a romance with them.

i think this is my first 24 hour mep part. Yass!

I guilty ship these two.

Thief Flynn Rider gets distracted by deadly older woman (because he's into that).
Boxing history (история бокса в личностях)
that damn smile
No assumption about their sexual orientation
I only made this video because I do adore their friendship/ relationship.
Sunday, November 1, 2015 - Flynn Bloom is quite the comedian, waving at photographers saying "hello" in a comical voice after getting breakfast with parents Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr in Malibu, CA. The amicable exes almost appear to be matching, Orlando in a white t-shirt and blue jeans and Miranda in a white and navy striped t-shirt and blue jeans.
EXCLUSIVE: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 - Miranda Kerr is spotted in Malibu enjoying the sun at a park with her son Flynn, from estranged marriage with Orlando Bloom, and her dog. The former Victoria Secret's Angel wears a halter top, floral print pants, and a white sunhat to protect from the intense late summer rays.
Сообщество по сериалу «Черное Зеркало»

Think much about what would be the ideal partner for Elsa, in the progress of the film looks very little about Hans so I'm not sure to make a good couple, then while doing the video Run - Jackunzel part of Flynn was casually together to a Elsa .... I loved how they looked together do not know if you like it but I decided to make a crossover FlynnxElsa
hope you like

Elsa has ice powers but fears that are displayed and people treat it as a monster , she and Flynn are in love
Tom Flynn's new single, Hoochie, Out on Hot Creations -
Vinyl - 17/2/2014
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Please watch in HD. :3

Uhm, I regret using this song because so many have used it for Tangled but I didn't know that until a few days ago when I was already vigorously editing this and so yes, I stuck with it.
But hey ho, I was searching for a song for Tangled and this is the first song I came across to fit Tangled so well. Oh I only watched Tangled a week ago, disgrace on me I know. :(
This took about 2/3 days to make. xD
This is my first Tangled video ever. Be expecting more Tangled videos because I
Freeski HD (
Daft Punk: Tron Legacy: Flynn Lives
George Korynta - conductor · Prague Film Orchestra / Recorded at
Rudolfinum, October 14 2012 /

Encore from the concert

Website of Prague Film Orchestra:

Facebook page:



Coldfront's new EP "Is This Where They Found You?" comes out July 8th. Pre-orders are available now at

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Feeling trapped as the vices grip tighter, You feel your worth slip right through your fingers, You say you love him, but you know that things could be better I remember that night when you threw me up against the wall Well I was just a kid, and I
► Please, watch it in 1080p + headphones ;)

Song: Red - By Taylor Swift
Host: Zeynep (
MEP status: UPLOADED (
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13
Video coloring: Anaelis
Footage: Frozen and Tangled
- DellEugenio
- TheNamelessDoll
- Dreamcatcher 2
Done in: December 26th, 2015

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act
1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, c
Hello everybody!I hope you enjoy! ^-^

Well, I tried to interpret the music as best I could!
The subject says that the boy leaves the girl, and she begins to suffer from their own pain ...

The pain I interpreted by Ice, that is, when Flynn leaves Anna, she began to freeze in pain ... This will lead to death ...

Well, that's my part of the Mini MEP of StrayHeartxx ;D
Full MEP:

Song: Habits
Artist: Tove Lo
Cover: Against The Current ~Stay High
Programs: Sony Vega
From the album: A Larum (2008)
I do not own this

"Don't say in a letter what you can't in my ear"
Video Lesson: Machine Head Guitarist Robb Flynn Teaches You How to Play "Locust"
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Today i finished my second part for my Halloween MEP ^^ And that's time is sooo creepie xD

Storyline: Anna madly in love Flynn but he treated her in a friendly way. One day he meets a girl Rapunzel and falls in love with her. Anna is going crazy. She brutally kills a guy and a girl, and it is sent to the mental hospital. The ward for violent patients she sees visions of her past life and how she could have lived if she had not gone for the kill. Now these nightmares will pursue h
Monday, July 11, 2016 - Miranda Kerr does her own grocery shopping at Whole Foods in Brentwood with adorable son Flynn Bloom. Kerr flaunts her midriff in a white cropped tee and skintight black and white leggings.

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Software used:
Cinema 4D, RealFlow, Vue, Nuke

Thinking Partic

Video Lesson: Machine Head Guitarist Robb Flynn Teaches You How to Play "Locust"
» .. you're the true north pointing back home .. «

song information at the end of the video

I know this has been done before, but I just had to make a video of my favorite TV couple and my favorite movie couple! The editing is quite simple but I figured it'd work best for a parallel video like this.

Machine Head's Rob Flynn Celebrates his Birthday in grand fashion jamming with many of the Bay Area Metal scene's Elite! We talk to Geoff Thorpe of Vicious Rumors,Leather Leone of Chastain and then the big all star jam! Members of Death Angel,Sacrilege BC,Vio-Lence,Forbidden,D.R.I..Slayer and Rancid!
MEP part for Arisa Yoshida:
Song:All of the Stars
Artist:Ed Sheeran
Footage:Disney Frozen,Tangled
Program:Sony Vegas Pro 12,Adobe After Effects CS6
Don't mess with Erica! She's one strong, beautiful woman.
Morgan Hill, CA July 2016

[Y U NO WATCH IN HD? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)] This is becoming one of my OTPs with every crossover video I see of them. Ahh x3 Love 'em.
Seriously though, CGI crossovers are my worst nightmare, they're so difficult to mask and match and crap. This is a MEP part for DGS.

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might o
Бернаде́тт Мэ́ри Флинн (англ. Bernadette Mary Flynn) — ирландская танцовщица, известная участием в танцевальных шоу «Властелин Танца» (Lord of the Dance) и «Языки пламени» (Feet of Flames).
Родилась 1 августа 1979 года в городе Нина, графства Типперэри в Ирландии. Её родители, Мэри (англ. Mary Flynn) и Энди (англ. Andy), являлись владельцами местного паба «Andy Flynn’s» (сейчас бистро). У Бернадетт есть старший брат Эндрю (англ. Andrew) и три сестры: старшая Элейн (англ. Elaine) и младшие близнецы Катриона (англ. Catriona) и Мария (англ. Maria). С четырёхлетнего возраста Бернадетт посещала академию танца (англ. Browne Academy of Dance), в первое время обучению ирландским танцам ей помогала сестра Элейн.

До 1996 года Бернадетт Флинн 6 раз завоевала первое место на мировом чемпионате по ирландским танцам, выиграла 7 титулов в чемпионате «All-Ireland» и 9 в «Munster». Из-за увлечения танцами Флинн не закончила средню школу (англ. St. Mary Secondary school), вместо подготовки к экзаменам в последний год обучения
for this mep:

Happy birthday GallicWarrior ! I know that Jack and Flynn weren't in your list but I hope you like this video anyway ^^

I know that theres a little bit of romance but hopefully their bromance was the highlight. Jack's totally gonna be a little shit to Flynn (He's a little shit to everyone but Flynn would be his favourite to pester lol).

STORY: Jack cockblocks all of Flynn's dates. Except for A
Police Chief Edward Flynn speaks to reporters after a Fire and Police Commission meeting Thursday night concerning the shooting of Dontre Hamilton. During the meeting, Flynn learned that a 5-year-old girl was shot and killed. Video by Ashley Luthern
This is my part for Tash (Tash_xxo's) birthday mep :) – новинки CORE-музыки от Бешеного Оленя


Back in 2010 Robb Flynn’s Martinez, CA house was burglarized. Stolen with the cash, jewelry, and other items were four guitars, and amongst these four was easily one of his most meaningful possession, a 1997 Washburn Dimebolt guitar that was given to him onstage at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, by the late-great Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrell.

Last night, some six years later, it was returned to him along with an un-released Epiphone prototype.

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Created by: Joe Baughman (

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Production Assistants:
Grant Beachy
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well i'm back to the people who think i just died

song | i won't give up
artist | jason mraz
prog | sony vegas 9
clips | tangled
Parker is a thief.  He wants money from the mob because they owe it to him.  They won’t let it go at that so in The Outfit, Stark’s second Parker novel, he has to follow the mobsters all the way to the top and settle the score.
Buy Mutiny at Also available on iTunes.

Freeski HD (
VSPLANET.NET: Ледяной Поезд vs Джерри Флинн, WCW Monday Nitro 16.12.1996
Видео группы: ==== Эррол Флинн/Errol Flynn ====
[hi bro, please watch it in HD, thaaanks :3]

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00:18 - oh hey Hiccup xD
Okaay, this time I've tried with a new pairing:
Please, i hate to see Felsa, Hiccstrid or Eupunzel (is it called like that?) comments cause THIS IS ONLY A CROSSOVER so leave me alone.

Queen Elsa instructs Astrid to find Flynn Rider, the thief which has stolen her crown.
In the same time Flynn is in trouble cause he deceived Stabbington brothers. Suddenly he meet

Ссылка на YouTube:
Miranda Kerr departing Sydney with her son, Flynn to fly back to LA. Follow me on Twitter:
So I decided to do another!

It kind of has a story, It's what Eve thinks after she is stapped.She remembers all their best moments. And that's why she holds on for that long in the 1x10 Loom of faith.

This is pure Evelynn because it's my favorite ship!

Thanks or watching

music: Your soul by Rhodеs
speeches: Bones
Le Show du Refuge, 2003

Перевод и субтитры : Maxy
The idea was to show Elsa as the Sass Queen, rejecting everybody right and left and making guys really work for it.

*on tumblr:
*inspired by


yeaaa new vid!! i tried to be creative :)) enjoy!
The middle serial (6 seasons)
For this MEP:
hosted by Arisa Yoshida

It's still open, so why don't you join? :)

you can download my part here:

soon i'm going to open a dump meps :)

Dark Paradise (c) Cover by dunno

frozen (c) | disney
frozen fever (c) | disney
tangled (c) | disney

sony vegas 13 (coloring by kindon18)
adobe after effects CC
The official video for Ki:Theory's remix of Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy track "The Son of Flynn" off the "Reconfigured" remix album. New Ki:Theory album KITTY HAWK available now! All original Ki:Theory music available for free download at Available on iTunes: Streaming on Spotify: Directed by: Johnny Hugel Edited by: Mondial Creative
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'Raising The Dead' from Johnny Flynn's fourth album 'Sillion' out 24 March, pre-order from and receive an instant download...
моя гитара в правом динамике)

Автор: Metallica
Название: Creeping Death
Исполнитель: Trivium feat. Corey Taylor feat. Robb Flynn
Official video for 'Faith' the new single from Izzy Flynn... Full release out on the 2nd of December.

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Huge thank you to my amazing team:

Directed by Rob Jury
Produced by Dylan Rees
Director of Photography - Luke Glover
Assistant Director - Catherine Carswell
Lighting Assistants - Adrian Sinatra and Andrew Sinatra
Editor - Rob
A new folk song Robb wrote.


Yesterday I told my sons "sometimes the bad guys win"
And that it made me scared about the world that we live in
But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long
Sons we have to be ourselves
We have to be strong

I said “sons you are the future, so let this be a lesson”
There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression
Cause fear and hatred won today, the darkness ate the light
But both you look in my eyes, “it’ll be all right”

In every step you tak

This is my MEP part of my own MEP •

what can I say, finally I edited with this incredibly cute pairing!

please rate and let me know what you think :D

frozen (c) | disney
tangled (c) | disney

wildest dreams (c) | performed by taylor swift

sony vegas pro 13 (coloring by AmethystLight;)
adobe after effects CC (all the masking are mine)

"It's a better place since you came along.."
2015 may not have been the best year for me when it comes to situations in real life (expect for Taylor effing Swift, aka godess od the universe started following me on tumblr). But when it comes to youtube this has truly been a magical year.
Every single one of you who watches, follows, likes and comments on my videos are making a 18 year olds dream come true. As I kid I used to dream about being one of the "cool kids" and have over 1000+ subscribers, be apprec
A VFX breakdown of a shot for a personal project I shot 5 years ago but was unable to do the VFX at the time. Giving it a try now. The full project won't be done for another year or so but I thought I'd show a working progress of some of my work as I continue to work on the rest of the shots. Software used: Cinema 4D, RealFlow, Vue, Nuke Plugins: Thinking Particles, TurbulanceFD, TPTFD Cloud Generator1.0, NitroBake, "Lush Western Mountains" Vue Plants, Optical Flares Licensed Car and RoofBox models fro
Хочешь научиться танцевать ирландские танцы?
Школа ирландских танцев в Москве:
Больше об ирландских танцах - здесь ->
Flynn Robinson played 7 seasons in the NBA, averaging 14 points and 3 assists a game. He won an NBA Championship in 1972 with the Los Angeles Lakers and was selected as an All Star in 1970.

About the NBA:
The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global, with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, as well as rosters that currently feature 85 international players from 36 countries and territori
The Clapback: This week Julie Roginsky discusses the widening investigation into Trump-Russia ties and the growing fallout over the sudden removal ...
Irish dancers Damien O'Kane and his wife Bernadette Flynn perform an Irish dance
Video is added in educational purposes. Original video:
Вы просили еще - я сделал еще
Большое спасибо всем, во-первых, за то, что помогли приобрести новый компьютер, а также большое спасибо всем, кто помогал в создании этого видео, снимая и скидывая свои фрагменты

Мой Твитч:
Мой ВК:

Оригинальное название:
Whispa - West London
(Slow Motion) Flynn Ryder escapes from the chase - "Tangled" (2010)
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Blind Auditions 5 | 07.02.2015 | BBC One

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After eleven days of war Alien robots come to Earth and assert their control over humanity. They claim that they only want to observe humanity, humans are confined to their homes. Leaving without permission would be to risk their lives.They also employ humans to be their proctors.
One of these men tries to get Kate Flynn to be his wife but she still mourns her husband whom Smythe says died. But her son Sean, doesn't believe it. One day he and three young people are fooling around when they discover that th
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What happens when the greatest thief in the Kingdom accidentally stumbles on its longest-grounded resident? Check out the latest trailer for TANGLED and get ready to join Flynn Rider and Rapunzel on an epic adventure!
Ice queens fan-fiction of Fionna and Cake forms into Flynn The Human Being & Jacque The Raccoon in the Fionna and Cake special Five Short Tables.

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Full Line Brawl - Buffalo Sabres Vs Toronto Maple Leafs. 1080pHD
September 22nd 2013, 09/22/2013.
John Scott Went After Phil Kessel, Kessel Slashes Scott A Couple Of Times
Brian Flynn Vs Phil Kessel
Ryan Miller Vs Jonathan Bernier
David Clarkson Leaving The Bench @ 11:07 Automatic 10 Game Suspension.

Buffalo Sabres forward Brian Flynn dekes around Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ray Emery and buries the shootout winner on his forehand.

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HD for broken family! ^^

And so, this is my first part for the DisneyPrincessStudio! (link:, I'm so glad I became a princess at last! (no i'm not)
And this MEP attracted me with its beauty. I love this song, the theme of family and parents who love their children and consider them for adult life, afraid to let them go! The same thing is happening here with Anna. He and his mother a lot of swearing, mother remembers the days when Anna was small and they w
Тайский бокс (Муай-тай)
A compilation of various VFX shots I've worked on over the past couple years. Music: "Icarus" from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack

Сообщество по сериалу «Черное Зеркало»
╬═`Унесённые ветром`| "Gone with the wind"═╬
Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard makes two top-notch pad saves against Montreal Canadiens forward Brian Flynn.

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Видео представлено группой [club53258521|.:Вселенная кино HD:.]

Фильм рассказывает историю о двадцатилетнем парне, работающем в различных приютах для бездомных в Бостоне, где он часто пересекается со своим хоть и великолепным, но отчужденным и проблемным отцом.
Hurt. The hurt of letting someone go. The hurt of realising what you’ve done. The hurt of loosing someone, and realising, its to late.

This is a backup MEP part for FableSecrets' Arctic MEP

So the way this MEP works, if that each part gets a theme, and I got the theme of hurt.

TBH I wasn't sure whether to make Kristoff and Flynn brothers, lovers or friends, so you guys can decide that for yourselves ;)

As a known criminal, Flynn had been arrested for theft and was to be sentenced to death
© 2008 WMG
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr [live]

that`s my entry for this ( contest.
♛ edited by JOHNYprod (c) All rights received.

✘CHARACTERS; Stiles & Lydia; Ariel& Eric
Rapunzel & Flynn; Emma Swan & Killian Jones
✘FANDOM: The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Teen Wolf, Once Upon A time
✘SONG: ask me
✘COLORING: by me
✘PROGRAM: sony vegas pro 13
✘For questions:


Robb and some Bay Area legends got together and jammed on some cover tunes for this Saturday’s birthday bash!



Numbskull Productions in association with Killers & Kings Clothing Co., Altamont Beer Works, and Big Jim’s BBQ are STOKED to present Robb Flynn’s Birthday Bash! Guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn of Machine Head (aka: The General) along with memb