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Flight of the Conchords - Friends

Pom pom-pom, pom pom-pom (ping) (repeat)
(A Capella)

Friends sing together
La La La La
Friends do things together
La La La La
Friends laugh together
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Friends make graphs together
La La La La

Friends help you when you're in danger
Friends are people who are not strangers
Friends help you shift into a new place
Tell you if you've got food on you're face

Friends are the ones, on who you can depend
He's my friend, He's not my friend
Friends are the ones who are there at the end
He's my friend, The
if u get drunk and vomit on me I'll make sure u'll get home safely))
this is the new season of FOTC but its only the songs like r8dkid's videos but from season 2 More to follow so SUBSCRIBE

From Episode 4, Season 2.

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